Announcing our next IP – SCUFFLE BUDDIES!

September 7th, 2017

Scuffle Buddies Title

Scuffle Buddies is our next IP! You can head on over to to hear the theme music and begin wondering JUST WHAT THE HECK THIS IS!

Plus, if you haven’t signed up for our new-games newsletter, you can sign up to receive updates about Scuffle Buddies and you’ll get a download for the theme song! If you’re already a BscotchID newsletter fan, you’ll be getting a link with the song download over the next few days while our e-mailing servers warm up.

We’re keeping mum about the specifics of the game for now, but you can gather with other excited humans on the new subreddit and in the Official Bscotch Discord. Or, if you’re the twittin’ type, blast out some succulent twits that include wallpapers, gifs, and #ScuffleBuddies! WAHOOOO!




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