First ever Scuffle Buddies cinemagraph

November 2nd, 2017

A twig snaps! The air is still. Only the sway of the Sap Trees above and the trickle of a nearby stream betray the liveliness of this clearing — What’s that there!? Rustling from within the underbrush?

You hold your breath, hoping you weren’t seen. At the edge of the glade you spot the leaves of a Bloosh parting gently, forming a bowl of darkness even your trained eyes can’t pierce. Time slows to a crawl. Green swirls form in the shadows, and you suddenly find yourself staring into hungry, excited eyes… Could this be the Buddy you’ve been looking for?



Dive into the world of Scuffle Buddies with our first ever Cinemagraph. Once you’ve surfaced, chat with other Scufflers in the Butterscotch discord and the Scuffle Buddies subreddit.



Posted by Bscotch

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