Sam’s got new blood, and we’re skipping this week’s podcast

Posted by Seth Coster

September 11th, 2015

GREAT NEWS: Sam got out of the hospital this afternoon after a 4-week stay for his final stem cell transplant. He’s doing great, if a little anemic. He’ll be immuno-suppressed for quite a long time, so must avoid crowds (and their dirty diseases) for the foreseeable future. But hey, that’s a hell of a lot better than being stuck in a hospital or having cancer.

This weekend is PixelPop Festival, at which Seth and I will be giving a talk on how to build a game studio (from a philosophical perspective).vWe are super busy preparing for that talk, celebrating Sam’s blood freedom, and working on Crashlands. Therefore: this week’s podcast, which is already late, is now OFF THE TABLE. Sorry about that! But next week’s will include Sam, so it’ll be worth two casts anyway :D.


“Process” – How Game Design and Life Collide

Posted by Sam Coster

August 7th, 2015

Sam recently gave a talk at the PKSTL #17 event. The PK format for a talk is one in which speeches are given in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, with a deck of 20 slides that move automatically every 20 seconds. It’s a pretty grueling pace for a presenter, and we’re pumped to say it’s the first standing ovation that the PKSTL series had through its 17 events and more than 100 speakers.

Sam presented on the concept of Process, and how it applies to good game design and to life. If you’re stuck on a work project or just need some plain motivation to get things done today, give the short speech a listen, and tell us how you’re processing your work over on the forums.


Send Sam your vibes!

Posted by Adam Coster

May 21st, 2015

Sam’s been battling cancer for a year and a half now. He just had a stem cell transplant after a viscous round of chemo. Now he needs a Vibes transplant. Got hit up the Vibe Wall and make your love for Sam known!


Cancer, Again

Posted by Bscotch

February 28th, 2015

Last week, after a surgery and several scans, I was re-diagnosed with Lymphoma, cancer of the lymph system. It’s the same hellaciously aggressive version I had over a year ago – the thing that inspired Crashlands and pushed us to where we are today.

I spent last weekend in a hospital bed. I spent that time preparing promotional assets for Flop Rocket’s appearance on the App Store, between bouts of brain fuzz and nausea caused by a 3-day chemotherapy infusion. Right now, I’m pushing back on an intense pain that’s radiating from my spine and hips each time my heart beats. Good times.


NEWSFEST 2013: Cancer! Towelfight 2! Slothcycling!

Posted by Seth Coster

November 11th, 2013

This is going to be one hell of a blog post. We’ve got some news on Sam’s health, Towelfight 2, and our upcoming title, Slothcycling. IT’S DENSE, BRO.


Sam chugging chemo drugs into his heart chambers, like a pro.
PEOPLE: Diana (Sam’s gf), Sam, Adam (our older brother), and me (Seth).

LET’S JUST PUT IT OUT THERE. Sam (the art-half of Butterscotch) has cancer. He’s only 23 goddamn years old, but apparently that’s legal age to be molested by Stage 4B lymphoma of the Diffuse B-Cell, T-Cell Rich variety. He had been feeling somewhat ill and fatigued over the past few months, and he had begun fevering in the nights. We thought he had just come down with some sort of infection, but the symptoms kept getting worse until a doctor finally diagnosed the real problem. We found out three Fridays ago. Since then, we’ve been visiting with family, traveling around seeing various doctors and getting tests done, and generally preparing to beat the shit out of cancer.