Codename: BRUNCH

Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt 5

Posted by Sam Coster

August 30th, 2016


This story is the continuation of “Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt. 4”

Bwiki’s body shook with terror as he dove for the nearest ice block. The creature bore down on him, shrieking and trailing a long ribbon of blood behind it. Bwiki planted his fins firmly on block after block as he swam away from the creature, rapidly leaping and diving behind chunks of ice to lose the beast’s gaze.

Several jumps later Bwiki suddenly found himself at the end of the ice cloud. He floated there, between the open ocean and the ascending cloud of ice behind him, and felt Wiboom’s song ripple quietly across his melon. He shook his head; Wiboom was gone, swallowed by the beast. He shot a glance back into the ice field and saw the creature thrashing toward him. He thought its energy would have waned with the amount of blood it had lost. But the beast seemed to be sustaining itself on predatory menace alone.


Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt 4

Posted by Sam Coster

August 23rd, 2016

This story is a continuation of Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt 3

polariThe cracked cavern floor heaved. Bwiki and Wiboom watched in shaking anticipation as chunks of ice gave way, some the size of a melon, others larger than a whole pod of Polari. Puzzle pieces of cavern floor were separating from one another, opening up sections of abyssal blue below. Ice chunks that shook free ascended to the surface, picking up speed and clouding the Podmate’s line of sight to the horn that stood impaled in the cavern floor.


Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt. 3

Posted by Bscotch

August 16th, 2016

This story is the continuation of “Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt. 2”

polariThe screams of the Megalari mother receded into the iceberg’s tunnels until they became nothing more than a whisper. Bwiki and Wiboom’s eyes darted around the cavern, scanning its glossy curvature for any sign of danger.

Blue bioluminescent light radiated from the cavern’s walls, casting a softened glow on Wiboom’s features, smothering the combination of fear and rage that threatened to break through her stoic visage. Bwiki felt Wiboom’s beatbox power-up, the reverberations rising in amplitude. The Uhntz pounded into Bwiki’s head as he felt his thoughts careen toward battle.


Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt. 2

Posted by Sam Coster

August 9th, 2016

polariThis story is the continuation of “Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt. 1”

The Megalari nest was a labyrinthine network of tunnels. Light, a luxury this far down, filtered through the ice and cast everything in dim and eerie blueness. The tunnels were shockingly uniform and huge, wide enough for more than ten Polari to swim through side by side, with only the occasional Bergcrab present to break the visual monotony.

Bwiki and Wiboom chose only the tunnels that crept downward, hopefully leading them to the huge nursery chamber where the Megalari slept. Countless hours went by before the fruitless search wore down the pair and they decided to split up. They formulated on a check-in plan; Wiboom would make her best Bergcrab mating call imitation through the tunnels every five minutes and Bwiki would respond with his. If Bwiki didn’t respond, or Wiboom didn’t call, the remaining podmate would know it was time to flee.


Weekly Recap – #2

Posted by Carol Mertz

August 5th, 2016

WELCOME TO THE WEEKLY RECAP. Part of a balanced breakfast.

Crashlands on GoG

After several voracious rounds of lather, test, rinse, export, and repeat, we’re finally DRM-Free on GoG! After all that shamproogramming, the GoG version smells as lovely as a field of wildflowers. Add it to your showercaddy while it’s still 20% off!


20% off to celebrate launch week!

A handful of people told their various world leaders about us! HOHO ONE STEP CLOSER TO GLOBAL DOMINATION! Butter up the planet by telling YOUR world leader about Crashlands!

Hey @JustinTrudeau, check out this game:


Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt. 1 (Lore)

Posted by Sam Coster

August 2nd, 2016

Reading time ~5m

polariAn iceberg reared from the ocean like the dorsal fin of a great predator. Water sloshed around its base, splashing uselessly on crystal-blue sides. Storm clouds swirled above, pelting ocean and iceberg alike with driving rain. The water around the floating glacier, all wave crests and deep-blue menace, meandered unbroken.

Bwiki surfaced, spouting a plume of defiant air into the downpour. His podmate, Wiboom, bubbled up a moment later, and playfully spat a stream of water at Bwiki, dousing his head. Water rolled off Bwiki’s slick melon as if fleeing downhill.


Weekly Recap – #1

Posted by Carol Mertz

July 29th, 2016

WELCOME TO THE WEEKLY RECAP. We want to make sure you all know what’s going on here at Bscotch HQ, so we’re trying this new thing where we actually TELL YOU. (audience gasps in disbelief)


Codename: BRUNCH

Brunch is our super-secret next title. You can check back here weekly to get an early look at what it’ll be like!

  • We’ve decided on the first set of character species and classes. All we’ll say now is : SHUFFLER, BEATBOXXER, FATALIST, & ANCHOR.
  • Sam wrote a whole mess of back-story and lore for the game. Next Tuesday we’ll begin dropping bread crumbs you can hoover up like a glitched-out ROOMBA.
  • Seth put together a REALLY BASIC playable demo of client-side multiplayer, and the studio was running around together in Codename: BRUNCH land. It’s got a LONG way to go, but it was fun.
  • Sam’s been hard at work jamming on self-directed art lessons and HE CAN ALMOST ACTUALLY DRAW ARMS NOW. I mean look at this gross thing he made:

Teaching yourself art is gross.


This is our most recent title, an epic crafting ARPG – get all the infos at

  • Seth is still working his muscley buns off on controller support. All our players told us to “JUST” add it, but it turns out it’s like building an Egyptian pyramid by yourself while beset by a plague of locusts. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO US?!
  • The first-ever Crashlands comic, “DELIVERY OF DOOM,” is coming along SWIMMINGLY. The artist, Ben Sawyer, has completed inking and has started on color on the bite-sized adventure.
  • Adam’s plugging away on the Crashlands Creator, although a lot of his time this past week has been devoted to getting the new website up and running. AND OH MY IS IT SO GOOD YES IT IS.

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