Cover your bod in Butterscotch!

Posted by Bscotch

October 25th, 2017

After months of blood, sweat, and viciously-soft fabric sampling, we’re proud to announce the launch of our merch store!

Become the best Butterscotch you can be with our suite of high-quality Tees, Mugs, Posters, and Stickers, a collection of which you can see below!

The “OG” Butterscotch Tee

Become an unofficial member of the Butterscotch Shenanigans crew with the shirt that started it all!

Fabric so soft you’ll say “Oh wow this is really soft. Is this a luxurious cotton/poly blend?” Yes. Yes it is.


Watch the Crashlands Documentary “Brace for Impact” on Amazon Instant Video!

Posted by Seth Coster

May 12th, 2017

HEY! Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Well, SEARCH NO MORE!

Back when we were nearing the end of Crashlands development, we were contacted by the fine folks at Forever an Astronaut, a local film production team. They wanted to create a documentary series about some of the stories coming out of the Saint Louis game development scene, and they asked us if we’d like to have the story of Crashlands be their first season. Naturally, we said HECK YES.

We began filming a few months before Crashlands entered beta,  and the Forever an Astronaut crew was there to capture the final days of development, the launch of the game, and the conclusion of all the crazy health stuff we were going through at the time. They truly did a phenomenal job of capturing the feeling of what it’s like to be part of this team and do what we do, and they were incredibly thorough in researching and explaining all the backstory that led up to our studio’s existence.


Crashlands Anniversary: an enormous thanks (and a documentary)

Posted by Adam Coster

January 21st, 2017

What a ride.

5 years ago today, Sam and Seth joined forces for their very first game jam, at the St Louis chapter of the Global Game Jam. At that time, Seth had been learning to program for a mere 6 months and Sam had barely done any art in his life. Together they made Towelfight of the Gods, and then thought, “HEY maybe we could find a way to do this for a living…”.

And so Butterscotch Shenanigans was born.

1 year ago today, we launched Crashlands. By then, we had already launched four major titles, I (Adam) had joined the team, and Sam had crushed cancer twice. We’d made no money and Crashlands was pretty much our last chance to prove we could do this for a living. Amazingly, we are still here today, able to finally pay ourselves and even provide a living for a few new Butterscotches, and have built up enough of a runway to develop our next major title. While we had done everything in our power to make that happen, in the end success wasn’t really up to us.


Crashlands Gets TouchArcade & Gamezebo 2016 Game of the Year Award

Posted by Seth Coster

December 23rd, 2016

WELL, FOLKS.  Crashlands just got TouchArcade’s 2016 Game of the Year. This is a surreal, humbling, and deeply emotional moment for us. Looking back, we never expected to make it this far, and in many respects, we weren’t even sure we would be around at this point.

Six years ago I couldn’t write a single line of code, Sam could barely draw a stick man, and Adam was intent on becoming a scientist. Five years ago I dropped out of law school to try to make games full time. Four years ago Sam and I left the studio we were working at to strike out as Butterscotch Shenanigans. We made Chauncy the Rabbit. It was bad, and it failed. We made Gerblins. It was sorta bad but kinda okay, and it failed. We made Towelfight 2, and it got great reviews, but barely anyone played it, and it lost a ton of money. We made Quadropus Rampage, and it got great reviews and 2 million players, but still made just enough money to pay only one of us, right at the poverty line.


Weekly Recap #13

Posted by Carol Mertz

October 21st, 2016

My recap brings all the fans to the blog


We’re back in the studio after a summer’s worth of globetrotting, and we’re SO READY to plunge our fists into the chests of these big projects, rip out their hearts, and PUMP THEM FULL OF VIGOR. And then put their hearts back. We’re not monsters.


Ye olde Quadropus art is still undergoing major cosmetic surgery for Quadropus Remastered. Sam has been slicing, dicing, and slapping new life into the old artifacts this week. They got such an intense face lift, you’d barely know they were three years old.


Weekly Recap #7

Posted by Carol Mertz

September 9th, 2016

The weekly recap is your chance to peer into the souls of the bscotch team and learn about our deepest, darkest secrets.

Humble GameMaker Bundle

People on the internet frequently say things like “HEY, BUTTERSCOTCH. YOU NEED TO ADD QUADRUPLE-JUMP SCREENSHAKE 420-NO-SCOPING TO THIS CRAFTING GAME.” Well, now those people can implement their ill-conceived design ideas themselves!

The Humble GameMaker Bundle launched on Tuesday, offering pay-what-you-want access to GameMaker, along with source code for a handful of GameMaker games, including our own Flop Rocket, Extreme Burger Defense, ShepHard, and Freeway Mutant. GET IT NOW AND GO MAKE SOME GAMES.


Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt 5

Posted by Sam Coster

August 30th, 2016


This story is the continuation of “Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt. 4”

Bwiki’s body shook with terror as he dove for the nearest ice block. The creature bore down on him, shrieking and trailing a long ribbon of blood behind it. Bwiki planted his fins firmly on block after block as he swam away from the creature, rapidly leaping and diving behind chunks of ice to lose the beast’s gaze.

Several jumps later Bwiki suddenly found himself at the end of the ice cloud. He floated there, between the open ocean and the ascending cloud of ice behind him, and felt Wiboom’s song ripple quietly across his melon. He shook his head; Wiboom was gone, swallowed by the beast. He shot a glance back into the ice field and saw the creature thrashing toward him. He thought its energy would have waned with the amount of blood it had lost. But the beast seemed to be sustaining itself on predatory menace alone.


Weekly Recap #5

Posted by Carol Mertz

August 26th, 2016

The Weekly Recap is your healthy dose of all things Butterscotch. Take a peek at what we’re up to EVERY WEEK.

Controller Support Alpha

Our thumbs are calloused and our hands are exploding with new muscles after a week of internal controller testing. Now YOU get to experience the joys early onset arthritis! Controller Support is ready to be released into the Alpha channel, like a bottle-fed squirrel finding a new life in the wilds. Windows users can subscribe to the Controller Alpha on Steam to help us pack that squirrel’s cheeks full of bug-report acorns. (Non-Windows users will be included in Beta)


Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt 4

Posted by Sam Coster

August 23rd, 2016

This story is a continuation of Hunt for the Red Megalari Pt 3

polariThe cracked cavern floor heaved. Bwiki and Wiboom watched in shaking anticipation as chunks of ice gave way, some the size of a melon, others larger than a whole pod of Polari. Puzzle pieces of cavern floor were separating from one another, opening up sections of abyssal blue below. Ice chunks that shook free ascended to the surface, picking up speed and clouding the Podmate’s line of sight to the horn that stood impaled in the cavern floor.


Weekly Recap #4

Posted by Carol Mertz

August 19th, 2016

The weekly recap is here to slap you full of ideas about what’s going on at Bscotch HQ.


The buttons and thumbsticks have staged a coup and seized control! Crashlands controller support is going to explode its way into the beta channel on Steam next week in a CONTROLLER REVOLUTION.

The transition from controller-to-keyboard is as seamless as fancy underpants. Rub your special eyes on this amazing UI fluidity!

controller support
Check next week’s Recap to find out how to join the controller revolution’s beta team.