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Watch the Crashlands Documentary “Brace for Impact” on Amazon Instant Video!

Posted by Seth Coster

May 12th, 2017

HEY! Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Well, SEARCH NO MORE!

Back when we were nearing the end of Crashlands development, we were contacted by the fine folks at Forever an Astronaut, a local film production team. They wanted to create a documentary series about some of the stories coming out of the Saint Louis game development scene, and they asked us if we’d like to have the story of Crashlands be their first season. Naturally, we said HECK YES.

We began filming a few months before Crashlands entered beta,  and the Forever an Astronaut crew was there to capture the final days of development, the launch of the game, and the conclusion of all the crazy health stuff we were going through at the time. They truly did a phenomenal job of capturing the feeling of what it’s like to be part of this team and do what we do, and they were incredibly thorough in researching and explaining all the backstory that led up to our studio’s existence.


Crashlands Anniversary: an enormous thanks (and a documentary)

Posted by Adam Coster

January 21st, 2017

What a ride.

5 years ago today, Sam and Seth joined forces for their very first game jam, at the St Louis chapter of the Global Game Jam. At that time, Seth had been learning to program for a mere 6 months and Sam had barely done any art in his life. Together they made Towelfight of the Gods, and then thought, “HEY maybe we could find a way to do this for a living…”.

And so Butterscotch Shenanigans was born.

1 year ago today, we launched Crashlands. By then, we had already launched four major titles, I (Adam) had joined the team, and Sam had crushed cancer twice. We’d made no money and Crashlands was pretty much our last chance to prove we could do this for a living. Amazingly, we are still here today, able to finally pay ourselves and even provide a living for a few new Butterscotches, and have built up enough of a runway to develop our next major title. While we had done everything in our power to make that happen, in the end success wasn’t really up to us.


Inkscape Timelapse – Foodbowl Artifact

Posted by Bscotch

December 12th, 2016

If you’re into vector art, game art, or 2d things in general, Sam’s timelapse videos are a good place to get some EDUCATION.

In this video, Sam walks through the re-creation of the Bingo Bowl artifact from the original Quadropus. Check it out for techniques in vector art to make your work have more depth and feel.


Going Cross-platform [Dev Talk]

Posted by Sam Coster

September 17th, 2016

This is an in-depth article on our cross-platform publishing strategy. If you’re into game dev or the way studios run, you’ll dig it.

We designed a cross-platform game for Desktop and Mobile called Crashlands. While making the game we had to tackle bevy of questions related to the Cross-Platform Problem. Do we launch on all platforms simultaneously? How do we choose price points on each platform? How can we make an engaging game that controls beautifully on Mobile while being deep enough for Desktop? Will sales on Mobile cannibalize our sales on Desktop?


Crashlands documentary gets Kickstarted!

Posted by Bscotch

March 28th, 2016

A few weeks ago we posted about the Crashlands documentary that Forever and Astronaut (FaA) is working on, called “Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story“. The guys behind the film studio originally met Sam and Seth to interview them for a different project, but after hearing the story behind Crashlands they decided they wanted to tell that story in a big way. Their timing could hardly have been better: they caught Sam’s final post-transplant doctor’s appointment (where he was declared cancer-free), they caught the moments leading up to final beta testing of Crashlands, and they caught the launch of the game itself.


Post-GDC Wrap-Up

Posted by Seth Coster

March 25th, 2016

(This post was mostly written by Seth, with some edits by Sam and Adam.)

EYYY! We are back from the Game Developers Conference (GDC)! WE DID IT!

GDC is one of the largest conferences for game developers in the world. Something like 25,000-30,000 nerds (like us) descend upon San Francisco for a week to attend talks, show off weird gadgets, play with weird gadgets, talk shop, and share lots of drinks and stories.

We’ve been to GDC three times (including this year), and we’re finally starting to figure it out. So we thought it’d be cool to have a post-GDC “lessons learned” INFOBLAST!


We’re at GDC!

Posted by Seth Coster

March 15th, 2016


We won’t be putting up a podcast for this week, because we’re in the midst of a ZANY WEEK of meetings, talks, and all kinds of ridiculous games industry nonsense! So instead, here’s a link back to one of our favorite Coffee with Butterscotch episodes, where things got pretty weird.

And if you’re at GDC, come say hi! Shoot us a tweet @BscotchShenani and find us for a free round of high-fives. We’re OMNIPRESENT!


Want to meet us at GDC?

Posted by Bscotch

February 22nd, 2016

Along with bajillions of developers, publishers, hobbyists, students, and SO ON, we’ll be at the Game Developer’s Conference this year from March 12-17. We’ve been rapidly accumulating meetings already, but we want to make sure we don’t miss anyone.

So, if you’d like to meet with one or more of the Butterscotch Brothers to say hi, talk shop, or propose a shady business deal, let us know! (NOTE: we aren’t looking for employees, advertisers, or translators.)




Posted by Seth Coster

November 12th, 2015

HEY, Bscotcharoos! About a month ago, we partook in an amazing worldwide event called the =&0=&. It’s a 48-hour game-making competition in which roughly 423,951,011 teams from across the entire universe compete to make the BEST GAME ALLOWABLE BY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

Our entry (PC only) into the contest is an Elevator Simulator about saving scientists. We called it…

The contest is now closed, and JUDGING IS UNDERWAY! Last time we did the Indie Speed Run, we managed to secure second place. This time, we’re GOING FOR NUMBER ONE! If you want to help us win, come give our game a play! And if you like the game, leave a rating on the game’s Indie Speed Run page!

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