action-RPG bullet-hell

A twin-stick action-rpg in which you're embroiled in a battle over control of the realm. You must use your monocle, which shoots magically charged animal 'Jectiles, to defeat enemies and save the land from ultimate destruction.

Available on screens everywhere!

about the game

Follow the ultra-suave Hardik in this action adventure RPG that borders on insanity. Shoot animals out of your face through furious boss fights, procedurally generated levels, and a huge number of powerups and unique weapons as you battle across the realm.

Laser blasting bees, speed boosting unicorns, spiraling praying mantises, whales in heat, and ultra defensive turtles will join you on your journey!


  • Unique Shot Rotation system — Build and customize a rotating clip of ‘Jectiles to burn, poison, freeze, electrocute, pinch, and explode your enemies.
  • 43 unique weapons with 86 augmentations
  • 14 insane power-ups – Choose three different power-ups and equip them simultaneously, including the Zombie Whistle, Blo-Gun, Ice Belt, and Blazing Shoes!
  • 10 evil bosses – So evil you will shed a single tear after defeating each one of them.
  • Procedurally generated world – Thousands of rooms with plenty of things to kill. Roguelike elements abound!
  • 5 Unique Environments — Including the cute, lovable Forest and the squishy, disturbing Nightmare.
  • 4 Monocles with different firing modes – Want to shoot two ‘Jectiles at a time, or do you prefer a “spray and pray” approach? No matter, we’ve got the monocle for you!
  • A massive campaign — Plus dozens more hours of exploration and enough power grabbing to last a lifetime.
  • Featuring gods, a grub, and a pug – A story you can tell your grandbabbies!
  • Dungeons for the truly courageous — The most powerful items in the game can only be found in the depths of Forn’s dungeons. You must earn them, and you will die trying.
  • The Arena of the Gods — Wager coins to face increasingly more challenging armies. The more you wager, the bigger the payoff!


  • Butter Up through BscotchID to get access to the game’s premium content!
  • Cloud saving — Transfer your save between devices! New phone? No problem!
  • Cross-game perks. Unlock unique game content in other Bscotch games, and use other
  • Bscotch games to unlock content in Towelfight, including unique ‘jectiles!
  • Friend leaderboards through BscotchID
  • Doubled coin gains
  • Reduced resurrection cost


Perks are achievements that earn you cross-game content in other Butterscotch titles or sweet avatars to use with your BscotchID (register). These are the perks found in Crashlands that give content in other titles, arranged by Name – Task – Reward.


DANGIT, RICHARD – Beat Richard – Unlock the Scubella Pet in QR


Marsh Master – Defeat Luhmpz in the Purple marsh of Death – Unlock a special sidequest in the Crashlands’ Bawg to discover the remnants of Luhmpz’s reign


Those Lasers – Defeat Forn – Collect 10 juice to throw a destructive laser light show


Teleporter – Discover 10 teleporters – Find teleporters that warp you 50 meters deeper into the cave


Burnt Popcorn – Defeat Forn – Forn BscotchID avatar
Trophy Hunter – Collect 40 Jectiles – Jobi BscotchID avatar
In the Face – Complete 10 arena matches – Morg BscotchID avatar
SIC ‘EM – 50 Bella kills – Bella BscotchID avatar
In the darkness – Clear all 10 dungeons – Hardik BscotchID avatar