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Build the Level of your dreams and other people's nightmares in this award-winning Platformer Maker.

Levelhead awards (from IndieDB, The Mix, Xbox, and The Label)

Levelhead is available on just about everything, and with CROSSPLATFORMINESS your progress follows you wherever you go, even across devices and platforms.

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Build Incredible Levels

Flex your creativity with more than 100 items, customizable objects, and a programmable switch system. Build a classic side-scrolling platformer, a metroidvania, or even a calculator!

Play the Campaign

Take control of GR-18, a delivery robot in-training, as you run, jump, and blast your way across 90+ challenging, hand-designed Training Levels. Play with up to three of your friends on the same couch for downright hilarious entertainment.

Gain a Following

Publish your Level for the entire world (no matter the platform!) and watch your Playtime, Attempts, and Followers stack up. With robust search and curation, and no platform limits, Levelhead makes it a breeze to collect followers and play endless user-generated content from around the globe.

Your Levels, PLAYED

The Marketing Department lets you push your levels to the top of the charts just by playing the game, so you don't have to already be famous to get your levels played!

Read the Free Guide

Get started on the right foot with the New Employee Handbook, a game guide full of lore, tips, tricks, and dumb jokes. Inside the Handbook you'll also find links to free wallpapers and Levelhead's Original Soundtrack.

Make New Friends

The community Discord is one of the nicest places on the Internet. Swing by, chat with players, get your questions answered, and make a friend or seventy!

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