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It is highly likely that your question is answered below, or in one of the linked sites. If not, you can seek help from our awesome community through our Forums.

If you do ask us directly, keep in mind that we’re just six people and it may take some time for us to respond… BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN WE LOVE YOU LESS! Be kind with your words and remember that we’re here to make great games that make you happy.

Last modified on January 4, 2018

Known Issues

No Known Issues at the Moment!


Bugs, crashes, and errors

Crashlands has been out for a while now, and we’ve been actively updating and fixing bugs. That means it’s super unlikely that you’ve found a new problem, unless we just put out a new patch. So, before you do anything else, make sure your game is up to date. Then, check the Crashlands subreddit and the Known Problems section on this page. If you don’t find an answer there, try our forums. Finally, if you are positive you’ve found something new, submit a bug report on our contact page.

I'm stuck! How do I ...?

Crashlands doesn’t always tell you exactly what to do, and that’s how we designed it! It’s a game about exploration and story, you’ll inevitably find the answer for yourself if you keep following quests, reading those quests carefully, and exploring the world. That does mean that sometimes you’ll get stuck (probably not, but possibly, because of a bug: see previous question). If you can’t find the answer, do a search in the Crashlands subreddit or our Forums, or search the in-progress Crashlands wiki. Note that the developers and moderators will not answer these sorts of questions, they’re too busy fixing and managing things!

Google Play device incompatibility

A lot of people are telling us that Google Play claims their device is incompatible with Crashlands, even when it isn’t. Apparently this happens sporadically, so that even people who have already bought the game sometimes get this message. We have no control over this, and have no idea why it’s happening. Try waiting a while and rebooting your device if you see that message. If you still can’t get it to work, contact Google to let them know.

Cloud Save troubles

Current versions of Crashlands should pop up alerts when save syncs succeed or fail, so you should always know if the system is working. Cloud Saves are only available for players who have logged in with BscotchID, verified ownership (automatic on Steam and the App Store; requires manually supplying Google Play order numbers and GoG keys), and moved an active save into a Cloud Save slot. To turn a local save into a Cloud Save, go to the Saves menu from the title screen, select the save, and send it to the cloud!

Note that cloud saves are always available locally, even when you aren’t online. They aren’t played from the cloud, they are simply backed up there.

The most commonly seen cloudsave problem isn’t a problem at all: upon freshly logging into a new Crashlands installation, the game might not retrieve your saves the first time it tries. Poke the “Sync Saves” button to force that to happen, or try restarting the game.

The other common problem, sadly, is people thinking they have uploaded their saves when they actually haven’t. This can result in a lot of heartache. Your saves are only uploaded if you put them into your Cloud Saves slots, and we have no way to get them for you if you haven’t done that. Similarly, if you move your cloudsave back to local, or delete your cloud save, it is permanently removed from our servers and we can’t recover them for you.

Note: We will delete cloudsaves from pirated copies of Crashlands. This won’t affect your local copy.

Will Crashlands get multiplayer support?

Nope! It was designed as a story-based single-player experience, and as a small team, we would rather spend our time creating new games that are designed to have multiplayer, instead of shoehorning it into a game that wasn’t meant to have it!

What are the differences between the Steam and mobile versions?

NONE! Except on mobile, you don’t have those sweet, sweet hotkeys for your action bar. Oh, and your screen will be bigger when you play on Steam. But otherwise, it’s the same game through and through.

If I buy Crashlands on mobile, do I still need to buy it if I want to play it on Steam? (And vice-versa)

Yup! Purchases are per-game and per-store. We don’t sell our games — the stores sell our games and then pay us royalties. You can sync your progress across stores, however, by logging in with your BscotchID (some restrictions apply).

I have an idea/wish something was different

We discarded (or put on hold) a huge number of ideas for Crashlands, for a lot of reasons. You can see what the upcoming plans for Crashlands are on our Blog and the Crashlands Patchnotes. The most common ideas we get are addressed in the Crashlands FAQ (no, we won’t be making a multiplayer version!), and others are discussed in our Forums or the Crashlands subreddit. Please search those first!

When does the Creator come out?

The Crashlands Creator is far back on the backburner. We underestimated how much development time was required to convert the internal version of the tool into something our players could use. We’re rebuilding all of our web infrastructure while working on our next game, and hope that this new infrastructure will be something we can develop the Creator on top of.

I have a different Crashlands question

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, check the other sections of this Help page– it is highly likely the answer is in here. Please be patient. We’re a small team, so anything that you ask us directly instead of answering yourself makes it more and more difficult for us to fix bugs, add new game features, and make new games.

I'm having trouble verifying my GOG purchase

To verify your purchase you will need your GOG serial key, that comes from the GOG website(not the GOG standalone app). Log into your GOG account on the website, look under the account tab, click games, and then click on Crashlands. In that menu there should be a “more” option, click that and choose serial keys. When you find your key, copy it then go to the validator form and follow the instructions there!


Why isn't everything free? And I HATE ADS WHY ARE THERE ADS!?

We require housing, food, electricity, and long-term financial security to sustain our game-making business.

Does a ButterUp work on multiple games?

Nope! Butterups are per-game and per-store. We don’t sell our games — the stores sell our games and then pay us royalties.

Do my purchases sync between devices?

If you have have BscotchID and those devices are hooked up to the same store, then YES. If your devices use different stores, then (see above). If you are not using BscotchID, but are using only one store, then maybe. In that case, consumables (like Doubloon packs) only exist on the device they were purchased on. Restorables (like the ButterUp and Orb Doubler), however, are associated with your store account and should re-appear on each device (this is automatic through Google Play, and triggered by tapping the “Restore Purchases” button in the App Store version).

Do my purchases work across stores?

Nope! Butterups are per-game and per-store. We don’t sell our games — the stores sell our games and then pay us royalties. You can sync your progress across stores, however, by logging in with your BscotchID (some restrictions apply).

I gifted/received a ButterUp for the wrong platform!

The fact that all stores are separate definitely causes some headaches. At the time the gift was sent, and also before it was redeemed, we made sure to explicitly and boldly state which platform that ButterUp was for…

If the gift does not get redeemed, it will go back to the gifter’s inventory after a few days. If the gift was redeemed, send us a support request and we’ll see what we can do.

What's with all these ButterUp options?

If you noticed two IAPs that are both named “ButterUp,” it’s not a mistake. We have to handle ButterUps bought prior to BscotchID login differently from those purchased after login, and so we had to make two different IAPs. They are functionally the same, so there’s nothing to worry about.

As for the ButterUp bundles, we want players to be able to gift ButterUps to each other, and so we bundled up (and discounted) larger numbers of ButterUps for convenience!

I bought an In-App Purchase but didn't get it

When you purchase something it first goes through the store, and then gets sent to our own servers to verify that it was real (did you know that 60-80% of all purchases are fraudulent?). Sometimes the verification server is busy, or slow, and so it doesn’t work the first time. But don’t worry, your purchase didn’t evaporate! Just hit the “Restore Purchases” button in the game if you have downloaded it from the App Store, or restart the game on Google Play. If that still doesn’t work, just give it a little time and come back to the game later. It always works eventually, though sometimes it takes a few minutes (and very rarely, if something terrible has happened to someone’s servers, tens of minutes to a few hours).

Note that purchase-hacking software interferes with verification.

I bought a consumable on one device, but still see ads on another device. Why?

Consumable purchases are only saved to the device they are made on, and we cannot carry that information over when you switch devices or re-install the game. That means the game doesn’t even know you’ve made a purchase before!

Permanent purchases (e.g. ButterUps) fix this problem.

My purchase was marked as fraud! Why?

All purchases are verified after being processed by the store. Our fraud detection system is correct 99.9% of the time and keeps complete records. If you made a real purchase and were flagged incorrectly, your purchase will not be lost. Sometimes the verification process changes, causing even real purchases to appear as fraudulent. If that happened please let us know immediately so we can fix it!

I bought Towelfight 2 a long time ago, do I have to buy it again?

Probably not! We have no automatic way to know which players bought the original version of Towelfight. Send us your receipt and BscotchID, and we’ll ButterUp your account.

Where can I find my Google Play order numbers?

This help article covers the process quite nicely!


Steam refunds?

Steam refunds are at the disretion of Valve (not us). You can read their policy and find out how to request a refund from their website.

App Store refunds?

Refunds for the App Store are at the discretion of Apple (not us). You’ll have to wait for your final receipt, or look through your purchase history in the App Store, then follow the link that says “Report a problem.”

Google Play refunds?

Google Play has a policy in place allowing you to refund a purchase within 2 hours of making it. You should be able to find the relevant links in your Google Play purchase history, or at payments.google.com.

Outside of that 2hr window, we do not give refunds except in rare circumstances. You can submit a request through payments.google.com or by following links the receipt Google Play emailed to you.

Game Issues

My coins/juice/doubloons suddenly went to 0!

There is a bug in syncing in-game currency to the web that happens extremely rarely, and so we’ve never been able to reproduce it in the studio. If this happened to you, please fill out a BscotchID Bug Report. If you paid for those things we’ll try to fix it!

I lost my game data after getting a new phone/uninstalling the game!

If you are not saving your progress to BscotchID (which required a ButterUp until February 2016) the only place your save exists is on your device. If you lose that data it is gone forever, and we have no way to recover it.

Some games, like Towelfight 2 and Crashlands, may require manual syncing and require a ButterUp to access cloud saves. If you have synced a save in those games, you will be able to load them on any device. If you haven’t, there is no way for us to help.

Note that we will delete data on our servers for pirated copies of the game.

I downloaded an update and now the game is slow/broken.

Our updates may include changes to the underlying game engine, which sometimes create new (and removes old) incompatibilities with certain devices. However, new updates may also contain bugs so it might be fixable. Send a Bug Report to let us know.

The game doesn't work on my device.

If the game doesn’t run at all, it’s either because you do not have enough available RAM (try closing all other apps and/or rebooting your device) or your device is incompatible with the game. In either case there is nothing we can do.

If you just bought the game on mobile and found that it can’t play on your device, request a refund.

For PC users, the following is a set of the most common things that can interfere with the game:

  1. Your antivirus software (make sure it’s up to date and doesn’t think our game is a virus).
  2. Your video driver (make sure it’s up to date and is supplied by the manufacturer).
  3. Your DirectX installation may be incompatible.
  4. Your graphics card may not support DirectX, or may have other incompatible features.
  5. You are on the Beta version of Steam. They may push out updates that are incompatible with our game engine (set to “None – Opt out of all Beta programs” in Settings>Account>Beta Participation).

We don’t provide device support. We’ll do our best to make sure our games run on the most commonly available hardware/OS setups, but we do not have the time or expertise to debug device-specific problems.

Your game is really slow on my device and/or eats up my battery.

We make games using a 3rd party development platform that we have no control over. We do our best to make our games as efficient as possible, but we can’t do better than the limits of the game engine.

Also, games in general are very hard on mobile processors, and will always cause your phone to drain battery much faster than general use. To get around the battery problem, you can find battery packs for most smartphone models that can quadruple (or more) your battery life. And for powerful devices, you may get perfectly smooth gameplay, but dramatically improved battery life, by turning on Power-Saving Mode.

I found a Bug

Did you find something not covered in this document that seems like it isn’t working properly? Outside of the few weeks after major updates, it’s hugely unlikely that your bug hasn’t already been reported. Make sure your game is up to date, then do some web searching to make sure. If you’re pretty sure it’s a new bug, fill out a Bug Report!


Another player is being a Jerk!

We have no toleration for harassment. All reports of player misbehavior will be taken seriously and kept completely confidential. Here are the current actions you can take:

  1. Report an inappropriate in-game message. Each message has a little red flag next to it. Tap that and the message will be sent to us for review. The other player will NOT be alerted.
  2. Submit a block request. You do not need to provide a reason, just the other player’s BscotchID. A blocked player will be removed from your friend list and will not be able to contact you via in-game BscotchID messaging nor send you a friend request. They will NOT be told that you have blocked them. We will eventually have a system where you can block other players yourself.
  3. Submit a formal complaint. You may submit your report anonymously. We will take your complaint seriously and decide on a disciplinary action.

I can't log into my game!

There are only a handful of reasons for failed logins. In order to log in, you must have verified your account (you can re-register if the email is lost or the registration has expired), your account must not have been banned (you would have received an email from us — check your spam), your password must be correct (you can change it), and the game must have access to the Internet without a proxy.

Finally, if our servers are down due to a technical glitch, maintenance, or something nefarious, you will not be able to log in, make purchases, or sync your data to the cloud until we have fixed it. In that case, keep an eye on our Status.

Is it possible to change BSID Account email?

YUP! Go to this page to change your email to whatever you want! BE WARNED, however, your email is the only thing that proves ownership of your account! That means if you lose access to your account email there is no way for us to recover your account! 

Is it possible to change my BSID username?

YOU BET YA! Submit a username change request!

I forgot my password! How do I change it?

Submit a remind/reset request.

When I logged in, I didn't claim my save!

Don’t worry, just log out and back in, and you’ll be prompted again.

Something seems weird with BscotchID...

Most BscotchID content is downloaded from the web, and sometimes data is lost or your local data becomes out of date or corrupted. Reboot your game (by hitting the ‘back’ or ‘exit’ button from the main menu). You can force a re-download of everything in-game by going to BscotchID, the gear icon, then “Clear Cache”.

My progress is not syncing between my devices.

Some game progress is automatically synced, but infrequently to conserve bandwidth. You can force a sync by going to ‘BscotchID’ on the in-game title screen, then the gear icon, then the ‘Sync Stats’ button.

For games like Towelfight and Crashlands, saves files are synced manually (look for the appropriate buttons in the game). Make sure that you are connected to the web and that your device is not using a proxy, and that you have not specifically blocked the game from accessing the web.

Emails aren't coming through.

Verification emails should go out seconds after registration, and other emails should be similarly fast.

Check your spam folder and trash first, and add thingamabob@bscotch.net to your contact list. You can also try re-registering with the same account information (make sure your email address is typed correctly!).

We have had to blacklist some email services because of high spam rates or because the service blocks our emails, so you may need to use a different account.

Finally, if we have had trouble sending emails to your account in the past, or you have marked our emails as spam, you may have been blacklisted from our email service. Contact us to get it fixed!

My friends list is broken!

There are three ways that this can happen:

  1. Your game tried to download your friend list and failed. No biggie, it’ll try again later or when you restart the game.
  2. Some aspects of BscotchID are down or under maintenance, or something bad happened to our servers. Keep an eye on our Status.
  3. You have violated our Don’t Be a Jerk Policy, resulting in a ban from social aspects of BscotchID. You should have received an email from us in this case.

My BscotchID account was deleted. How do I get my data back?

You can’t.

Press and Public Relations

Where can I find information about the games and studio?

Check out our About page, Blog, Forums, and Podcast.

We keep our players and the public informed about what we’re up to, so there’s information everywhere if you do a little Googling.

I want to get one of your games on my hardware/storefront.

There are a several important things to note here:

  • We can only build for the target hardware/OSes available to Gamemaker: Studio. If you represent a different platform, you’ll have to first work with YoYo games to get support for it.
  • It is unlikely that we will distribute on a niche platform unless you provide significant up-front incentive for us to do so. We wish we could be on everything, but we don’t have time to maintain that many builds!
  • It is unlikely that we will distribute on a platform that competes with one on which we already distribute, without significant incentives to do so.

If you’re still interested, great! Send us a request and we’ll get back to you shortly.

I want to use/modify your stuff for my own purposes.

Are you looking for cross-promotion opportunites, or want to use our characters/art/writing for some other venture? You should start with our Legal page, and if you still have something to contact us about please do!

How can I get Early Access to a game?

We only give early access to upcoming games for press, and since all of our games (including Crashlands) are now published, we are no longer giving away keys.

We do not trade keys for reviews on Steam.

If you are a large channel (review site, magazine, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, etc) you can Tweet at us from your official account to request media access to our content (@bscotchShenani).

I want to translate one of your games

We’re beginning the process of localization, but are not looking for translators. If you do, you can find out about it on our Jobs page.

I want to interview a Bscotch.

Tell us your plan and we’ll get back to you.

I want a Bscotch to give a talk at my event

We enjoy giving talks so long as the audience isn’t captive. Tell us about your event, take a look at some of our past talks, then contact us.

I want to sell a service to Butterscotch.

No thanks!


Are you hiring? Can I have a job or internship?

Thanks for your interest! We’re a tiny studio, so job and internship openings are rare. But when we do have something we’ll post it at jobs.bscotch.net (you can also sign up for our jobs newsletter there).

I want to learn more about game dev! Can I interview or job shadow you?

We try to avoid at-work distractions as much as possible, so we don’t do job shadowing in the studio. If you’re in the St. Louis, MO area and want to meet up to talk shop, you can often find us at St. Louis Game Developer Co-op meetup events. Look for the folks wearing the BUTTERSCOTCH SHENANIGANS shirts and say hi!

How do you make your games?

We use GameMaker Studio (there are a lot of tutorials available) and Inkscape to make our games. We talk a lot about our process and approach in our educational talksblog posts, and podcast. Slam your brain onto those resources, and you’ll have a good idea of how we got to where we are now!

I didn't find what I was looking for

If you did not find what you were looking for, maybe it’s in our Forums, our Legal page, or our Terms. If you are super sure that nothing in this document answered your question, and that it is important enough to delay our work on fixing game bugs and making new game content, submit a general request.