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320: Non-ergonomically Close

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Listener Questions

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    ribdot @czrjpc asked

    Hey bros! I just re-listened to episode 292, the first episode of 2021! Now that it's about halfway through the year, I was wondering if we could get an update on everyone's dunk goals! How are you bros doing so far with your New Year's dunks?

    Dunks: Sam wanted to do a character design challenge every month and blow people away with Crashlands 2 reveal Seth wants to hit 200lbs, do 3 game jams, and be a gladiator in WoW Adam wants to spend more time sharing knowledge (DevChat, streaming, etc)

    TigerSharkBassist @bm5euo asked

    If you guys were to guess Flux' favorite type of music, what genre would it be? She seems like a pretty fun funky space trucker, i would love to hear her Spotify playlist

    allenmb @jlq6gs asked

    So I got a ps5 a couple months ago. While most of the hype and claims from sony were BS or highly exaggerated, the haptic feedback on the controller lives up to the hype 100% and is the best improvement to me. What're your thoughts on marketing hype vs facts? Expectations vs reality? What's the most outrageous claim y'all have made in life that ended up being 100% bullshit?

    Eppajump Boilvarka @vkrokb asked

    We all have different ways of coping with our individual have-to dos, that just have to be done "or else" it becomes unmanageable if ignored.

    For example, I've been using your podcast to endure the weekly lawn mowing and yard work which is something I personally didn't enjoy, but kinda look forward to now.

    What life hacks have you guys used to power through the have-tos of game development, life, or business?

    RoninGameDev @22kd9c asked

    You bros have talked about how the industry is unpredictable and even steam and publishers don't even have good ways of predicting success. That being said Chucklefish is publishing a game called Starmancer that goes into early access on Augest 5th. I am 100% confident it will be an instant success and will sell 1 million+ copies. Do you agree/disagree? Could you talk about why certain games might feel like a sure thing?

    cprice @rmyh5h asked

    Thoughts on github copilot? How long until all the programmers are replaced by AI that's figured out how to copy paste stack overflow answers until the tests pass?

    Fraser_ @rl8tgt asked

    How long do you think is left before something breaks the pre-crashlands games, and it’s no longer worthwhile to go back and fix it? Are they still at all valuable - either financially, or in maintaining your roots, or to your core player-base?

    Beekie Boppaboop @2ajwto asked

    What would you say are the studio’s design principles? As in, what are the core tenets of how you look at game design or art design or studio design? Do they overlap?

    Alewakka Cammya @819gvk asked

    We haven't heard anything on ShenaniCon 2021. Is it something that is still in the mix, or is it out? You guys rock!

    TimConceivable @rmk4os asked

    back at the end of 2017 in episode 130 you guys mentioned making a Bscotch Arcade mobile app that had all of your legacy games in one app. there was also the idea of having this on Steam possibly. what ever happened to this idea and is it still something that might happen at some point in the future?

    TimConceivable @rmk4os asked

    i think you all talked a little bit about Falcon & Winter Soldier awhile back. did you guys watch Wandavision? are you watching Loki? i have quite enjoyed these Marvel series and would be interested to hear your thoughts on them.

    satellite @3czc7g asked

    Has the recent news about Blizzard’s working culture made you rethink supporting their games?

    Mimmabip Gourkee @1pnv3t asked

    Which company do you use for translations?