THE GLORIOUS 100 IS NIGH! Yes, that’s right, Bscotches. We’re nearing the 100th episode of Coffee with Butterscotch, our game dev comedy podcast. So we thought, "Hey, us! What better way to celebrate our 100th episode than with our very own, first-ever BUTTERSCOTCH SHENANIJAM?" So that's EXACTLY what we're going to do.

Here it is: THE FIRST-EVER BUTTERSCOTCH SHENANIJAM!    LOGO_forblog   We're running it through, because, you know, come on. Themes for the jam will come from our podcast episode titles, and will be randomly handed out to participants. And we're inviting you, our community, and all our podcast listeners, players, friends, family, loved ones, and pet turtles to partake!

Starting May 26, it'll be 48 hours of PURE CREATIVE MAYHEM as we all band together to make fourteen metric CRAPTONS of video games. Our games will be weird. They will be wild. They will blot out the Earth. There will be so many games coming out of this monster of a jam that when you wake up on Monday morning, you won't be able to find your own face. Stock up on beans, because the world is about to be Jampocalypsed by a Jameteor.

OH! Did we mention there's SCORING? We'll be letting all the jammers vote on each others' games in a number of categories, and we'll be pulling down the top few games to play them on our Youtube channel. So if you want some FACE TO FACE feedback straight from our mouths right into your very own earholes about a game YOU made, now is the time! Okay bye.