The Baconweed Fairy started as a joke from some flavortext Seth added while tired and drinking whiskey one night. Baconweed is a plant that grows in Crashlands that players can harvest, and can also build into a pot for permanent harvesting at their home base. In the Potted Baconweed flavortext, Seth mentioned:

"Legend has it if you place one of these by your back doorstep the Baconweed Fairy will come and steal your teeth."

Months later while we dreamed of bosses the Baconweed Fairy resurfaced in our conversation. I immediately had a vision of a jowly, fat, disgusting creature that would only be called a Fairy by a confused person, and the idea stuck.

In this 5x timelapse we go from having the BWF as a set of amorphous shapes to a fully animate-able boss, all in about 12 minutes. The actual creation time for this fatty clocked in at about an hour and a half. My workflow is a bit different from traditional artists in that I don't sketch things before illustrating them, and rely extremely heavily on duplication to get things done. The work is more like sculpting than drawing, as you'll see here. If you're interested in how all the art is made in Crashlands or how Inkscape works, check it out.

I'll stay lively in the forums to answer any questions during the day!

May your teeth stay rooted.

baconweed fairy