This week we dive into the creation of a creepy Smashblossom Totem, which is a furniture piece available to players in the late-game of Crashlands.

I've always found that I'm a better editor than creator which makes Inkscape, my tool of choice, perfectly suited for the work I do here at Butterscotch. Creating art assets in Inkscape is more like sculpting than drawing. It makes asset creation more like a series of hundreds of tiny tweaks than an attempt to draw something right the first time (which never happens for me).

This makes it easier to experiment, iterate, and ditch bad ideas; all of which lead to more work efficiency and greater creativity! Check it out in the 5 minute video and feel free to ask questions on the forums.

If you missed out on the podcast this week and want even more Butterscotch in your life, go have a listen!