Crashlands? More like COUCHLANDS, amirite?!

In this delicious issue of the Ballyhoo we'll be dishing out heaps of Crashlands tips and tricks with a spicy Levelhead dipping sauce. We've got a Switch launch straight from the oven, pipin' hot couch co-op, and for dessert a few spoonfuls of community celebration. So settle in with a pumpkin spice latte and gorge yourself on the Fall issue of all things Butterscotch!

Highlights from issue #6 of the Ballyhoo:

  • Crashlands launches on Switch, invades your Couch
  • Levelhead gets 100000x bounce
  • Juicebox becomes a piece of yard equipment
  • And some other stuff I GUESS

Crashlands Switch

Thanks to Shi, our platform specialist, Crashlands has finally arrived on the Switch (Visit the E-shop | See the trailer). Rather than just port the game over, we decided to use the Switch debut of Crashlands as a chance to add something entirely new to the game - couch co-op. And we're happy to say that co-op is available on every platform on which Crashlands lives!

New Trailer

The Top 5 Ways to be the Best Juicebox You Can Be

There's a little special magic that comes from plopping on the couch next to a friend and working through the challenges of Woanope in front of the big screen. So much magic, in fact, that we've compiled a listicle to help you become your best Juiceboxian self.

1. Taze everything


Juicebox's S.T.R.A.W. can be discharged to break down any resource that Flux is equipped to harvest. Whenever you find yourself with some down time, be a jollygoodbot and help your Flux out. With the dreamwork of teamwork, you'll harvest at double speeeeed.

2. Pull your weight


Juicebox can summon the G-bot to yank enemies to his current location. Just make sure you do this away from Flux, or you may find yourself discharged from the bureau for reckless endangerment of a co-worker.

3. Become a mower

JB ult

Once Juicebox's energy storage hits maximum, you can discharge all of it in one glorious fusillade. Each blast impacts a small area, making it ideal for doing lots of splash damage during those zany boss fights. Plus, the blasts one-shot any harvestable resource they run into, transforming Juicebox into a mower during peacetime.

4. Shoot fish with a frickin' laser beam

jb fishing

Any fishies tazed will find themselves flung from the blast location. Just be sure to communicate with your Flux so that they're ready to yank the dangleknife* out of the water once you line up your best fishblast ever.

*I'm no fisherman but I'm pretty sure that's the technical term for it.

5. Don't get stomped on

JB stomp

While JB's chassis is nearly indestructible, his energy isn't. Avoid the ferocious blows of Woanope's creatures to keep all that energy inside your frame, so you can use it for your abilities.

6. [Bonus] Absorb the World

Crashlands lore exists not just in the game, but in an online manual, comic book, and two short stories. Catch up on all the characters, races, back stories, and more so that you can fill your Flux in on how this bizarre world works!

Polari story


Juicebox can also heal, shield, turbo, and berserk Flux. But we don't want to give you ALL the clues for how to work together as a duo, we'd rather hear about your experiences! Once you find yourself a buddy, either reply to this email or use #foundmyjuicebox on twitter to share your stories with us (plus any gifs, videos, or screenshots). We'll be on the lookout for great co-op stories to include in the next issue of the Ballyhoo.

What have YOU done?!

In this segment of the Ballyhoo we celebrate those glorious Shenanites who have done something interesting with the world we've built. If you're interested in being included in future community celebrations, share your creations and accomplishments over in the Butterscotch community lounge!

d00dleboy makes some Roblox creatures

Roblox crashlands creatures Crashlands has officially invaded Roblox via the creations of Shenanite d00dleboy. It's not everyday your IP creeps into another game, so thanks for spreading our beasts into another world!

AAAAA!'s fan-art of GR-18 packs a punch


AAAAA! (Twitter) rendered GR-18 like a Victorian era freight train, punching across a desolate landscape. What drives our beloved bot? What cargo is under its care? What force does it punch against?

What about Levelhead though

While we've announced that Levelhead won't be arriving this November, development on this ginormous project continues to burn. We've got some huge changes to the game that we're certain will turn it into something special, which means it's just going to take some more time to finish baking. I can't say much more about it now, so in the meantime I'll just leave this morsel here:

Levelhead bumper

GR-18 is gonna need a barf-bag!


Take some time this November to give thanks to the Juiceboxes already in your life, those people who help you keep an even keel and enhance your combat effectiveness by summoning gravity-bending robots.

You know the ones. Give 'em a high-five from us here at Butterscotch.

Stay Frosty,


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