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SUP, BSCOTCHES. Seth here, with your biweekly weekly Butterscotch update! In this week's biweekly BSCHRONICLE, we've got a hefty load of butterjuice for your gullet. Adam joined the Butterscotch team and immediately started making Crashlands look way more awesome, Sam reworked the Crashlands environments, and I did a bunch of programming stuff that nobody will ever see!

Adam Joins the Team

Our older brother, Adam, has finished his PhD and is now a FULL-TIME BUTTERSCOTCH! It's a bit of an odd time for us to be adding a team member, since we're nearing the end of Crashlands development, but there has been plenty for him to work on. His expertise is in the field of image analysis, and he's a brilliant programmer and mathematician. So naturally, we put him to work on special effects. Here are a few things he's already gotten hooked up!

Low Health Full-Screen Effects

health shader | NOT FEELIN' TOO GOOD RIGHT MEOW. |

After moving the healthbar to the top left corner of the screen, we noticed it was very easy to lose track of whether you were about to die. WELL, NOT ANYMORE!

More... Watery... Water

watery water | Aw yeah, gurl, lookadem ripplin' ripples. |

We weren't really happy with the previous water iteration, so Adam took the lead on making us a new water shader with some really nice, subtle waves. JUST LOOK AT THOSE DANG WAVES.



Every now and then you'll stumble across one of these puppies in Q's base, and you can steal them for decorating your own abode. There are dozens of holograms, and we now even have a really cool hologram shader for them. WOOWEE SPECIAL EFFECTS!

Updated Environments

Sam made a THIRD pass on the Savanna and Bawg. Let's take a look at the progression of how it's changed since the first iteration!

environment progression

GOOD STUFF RIGHT THERE. Oh, and speaking of Sam doing art...

Sam Talks Inkscape

INKSCAPE. It's the thing we use to make all the art in our games. And by "we" I mean "Sam", and he's getting to a point where he's pretty dang good at it. When we first started out two years ago, this breadslice fellow on the left was about the best Sam could do, and now he's making dramtically more detailed and interesting-looking things in much shorter time spans (like our Flop Rocket icon on the bottom).


flop rocket

Of course, all that comes from practice, but on top of practice you need a tool that gets the job done. If you want to learn how to use Inkscape (or learn why you should consider using it) from a dude who's been using it for 8-10 hours a day for the past 2 years, IT MIGHT BE GOOD TO GIVE THIS VIDEO A WATCH. Sam is the first person to talk in the video.


We're still plowing through Crashlands content and nearing the end of Phase 1 of production. Phase 1 will be complete when all creatures, resources, weapons, armor, tools, workstations, and environments are fully fleshed out and implemented. Which means soon we'll be starting PHASE 2: STORY TIME. In phase 2, we'll refine the new player experience and flesh out the story of the epic struggle between the player and Q. We'll have more info on all that NEXT TIME.

If you'd like to chat about anything from this post, you can always find us on the Butterscotch Forums. SEE YA SOON, BSCOTCHES!