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October 20, 2018. 4PM-8PM

The first ever Butterscotch ShenaniCon is mere weeks away.

We've been traveling the country to convention after convention for years, and we thought it was high time we held our own. But we've never done that before, so we're starting cozy and keeping it simple. Tickets are quite limited, so go get yours now!

This experimental mini-con is oriented towards our podcast listeners and those who have played our games extensively, but the door isn't closed to anyone. If you're a listener, a player, a fellow dev, or just someone who wants to see what all this is about, you're quite welcome to join us. We're taking a loss on the ticket price this year to see if this is a good idea, so you'll never have a cheaper ShenaniCon than this one!

The phenomenal team of Jen Coster and Diana Zeng are putting all this together, and are still working out all the details. Here's what we know will happen:

  • Mingling! We'll kick off the event with some mingling and a short welcome. We'll probably make Sam do that one, since he's full of charismatic exuberance.
  • Live Podcast! Once everyone's comfy we'll launch into our first ever live, studio-audience podcast. It'll be a blast, and maybe even a disaster (which is fun in its own way). And we'll be taking questions from the audience. If there are kids around we'll do our best to tone down the profanity...
  • GAMES! Perhaps the most exciting part comes after the podcast: get your grubby hands on playable demos of our upcoming title Levelhead and the still-completely-secret Switch update for Crashlands.
  • FOOD! The current plan is to celebrate Meatpieceween (with some vegetarian options of course).
  • Swag! We'll track down some little trinkets and things that will come with your ticket, and will also have some of our merch available at a discount (and without shipping costs). So if you've been eye-balling one of the infamous "Can We Not" mugs this'll be your chance.

What are you waiting for?

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