Time for the best part of the week: Levelhead Community huddle to spread the Gospel of Love and Delivering Goods Real Good!

This week GR-18 has to navigate office politics and corporate bureaucracy for SURVIVING the Bureau of Shipping Annual Review! As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!

Featured Levels

Office Politics

GR-18 has to step on some co-worker's toes in FlowArt's incredible level Blopfush Destruction Disco. Will GR-18 get through the office politics unscathed for the annual review at the Bureau of Shipping?

Corporate Bureaucracy

GR-18 is on a mission to declutter the corporate bureaucracy in RobMac's beautiful level Crunch Valley Oasis. Can GR-18 get through the hoops to the right reports to prep for the review?

Hype Train

GR-18 is jumping on the self-hype train in FishBone exciting level Deep Dark Icy Abyss. Will GR-18's self-hyping impress the Bureau of Shipping?

Golden Parachute

GR-18 is dreaming of its golden parachute in Noob Jr's fun level Ripcord Be Go. Will GR-18's contingency plan work against the Bureau of Shipping?

Power Through

GR-18 powers through the trials and tribulations of paperwork and interviews in Yucca's colorful level Power Through Hardlight Path. Will GR-18 get over through reviews of the Bureau of Shipping and be able to enjoy the summer break?

Video Evidence

The Bureau of Shipping requires some video evidence of job completion and here are the videos GR-18 plans to submit in its meeting with supervisors:

Ryukahr tries his hands at some ludricous levels!

Intuition's speed run of Ryukhar's level!

Eedefeed's tutorial of SPEEBING Ryukhar's level!