In this week's edition of "HOW DO THEY DO IT?" We get to showcase flying ships, games within games and weird new levels built out of the latest and greatest item additions to the game! Click on any of the level names to bookmark these levels and check them out over the weekend. LET'S GOOOOO!

Flying Ships

NoicreC's latest entry to the "Hmmm" series is a well-paced flying ship level Sky Rail of Hmmm with the use of clever paths & contraptions! Jump in and see the clouds fly by on your aerial ship!

Snakes and Ladders

Natari has recreated Snakes and Ladders in his amazing level Rift & Slippy Goo. With the intelligent use of switches and contraptions, you can play a game within a game!

Two-man Teams

This patch introduced Keyboard + Controller co-op, so why not jump into Spekio's co-op level Companion Assist Challenge! In this level, you throw your partner in crime to solve puzzles and dodge obstacles. This level really showcases the kinds of weird puzzle shenanigans that can ensue when you have a friend in tow!

Proceed with caution!

Ripcord Fear is not for the faint of heart. Play has created a level where precision and fast reflexes are the key. Death will be instant, but it happens so fast you can't help but try again. See if you can get past the first three seconds, because we definitely couldn't!

Security alert

tripleB36 has made clever use of red purge gates in Purge Gate Temple. The last patch created a new item of using purge gates to stop objects from moving through them. This level uses the new items and stone tiles to create a spooky scenario that might summon flashbacks of dealing with the TSA. "Is that a tube of toothpaste? LEAVE IT BEHIND!"

Levelhead Crown Contest

Gkar has used his programming powers to create a website that hosts score-hunting competitions using the Levelhead API. Put on your SCORE-HUNTING BOOTS and join the Crown Contest for a chance to win a free Levelhead Steam key to gift to a friend!

Quick Highlights

  • NoicreC' Mad Mountain of Hmmmm is a wide-ranging, challenging level that feels like a great adventure.
  • TalkGibberish's Nimble Tumble Tower level is a beautiful puzzle that'll have you scratching your head!
  • SchuhBaum's Song Of Storm is a really neat Song of Storm Zelda tribute level.