Happy FRIYAY Y'ALL! Time to bask in the bright colors of this splendid Community! This week GR-18 enjoyed the blissful Spring Picnic in the company of a variety of flowers to get rejuvenated for Delivering Goods Real Good!

Picnic Activites

Sun Flower

GR-18 races the Sun in Mazasus's beautiful level Flower Need Spring! Will GR-18 see the blooming flowers from its parachute ride of victory?

Marigold Flower

GR-18 gets stuck on the Mari-Go Around Flower in Kalhua's gorgeous level Dangerous Blossom Boss. Can GR-18 escape this section of the park?

Fire Flower

GR-18 explores the new species of fire flower in NoobJr's fiery level Mad Ouch Flower. Can GR-18 tame this combustible flower to present to its SOUL-PACKAGE?

Wild Flowers

GR-18 hops through the wildflowers in Nanomical's jumpy level GR-18 Jungle Jumble!! Can GR-18 skip the thorns and pick only the pretty flowers?

Star Flowers

GR-18 ventures into space during the spring picnic in ReaunDaCrayon's stary level Spring... In Space! Will GR-18 explore all the star flowers in constellation bouquets before the end of the picnic?

Picnic Break

While taking a break to eat the 5 burritos, GR-18 has planned a great viewing session. Check out the tutorial videos to make awesome levels and make GR-18 a great delivery robot!

Mazasus's Workshop Menu Interface

TalkGibberish's Levelhead Path Tutorial

Eedefeed's Minigame Contraptions

Picnic Announcement

Custom Hazard Contest

By combining different items in the editor you can create new and original hazards for the player to deal with.

For this contest, you are tasked with coming up with one or more original hazards and building a level around them to showcase their best uses.

One of the goals of this contest is to expand the tools creators have at their disposal when creating levels. Once the contest is over, a guide will be created for recreating many of the hazards the participants have developed in the hopes that other creators can also make use of them.

View the contest information and submit your entries at Levelcup.net