You can't stop me from spreading the awesomeness of this community, FRIYAY has arrived!

This week GR-18 continues vacation enjoyment with a classic Rave, Surprises & playing with toys!

Vacation Featured Levels

FriYAY Party

GR-18 starts the weekend with a FRIYAY Night RAVE in GreenOne's glittery level Hollow Night: Crystal Peak. What time will GR-18 leave the dance floor tonight?

Unexpected Surprise

GR-18 is excited for surprises in FlowArt's fiery level Day Build: Prize Block Boom. Will GR-18 jump out of its Robo skin with these scary surprises?

Tricky Situation

GR-18 continues the vacation shenanigans in Tim Conceivable's thrilling level Infiltrate Alien Facility. Can GR-18 get out of this tricky situation?

Mystery Puzzle

GR-18 is enjoying a lazy afternoon solving a puzzle in Henna's curious level Encoded Puzzle Box. Will GR-18 jump with joy after solving this mystery puzzle?

Remote Navigator

GR-18 tries out playing with remote control set up in Hippo's puzzling level Package On The Move. Can GR-18 automate its delivery and add extra rest time to the schedule?

Vacation Featured Viewings

GR-18 continues to binge-watch some Levelhead action any time available on its grappler.





Plushie Love

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