Welcome to yet another week of outrageous community creativity! This week we've got great storytelling, Speedrunner Guild automation, and the trial of the baggage claim. As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for play later on - LET'S GO!

TalkGibberish spins us a yarn

TalkGibberish is in great form this week, bringing us the incredible True Story™ of how Slurb Juice is made. His level Big Vacrat Theft, Episode 1, makes incredibly clever use of Levelhead's systems to tell a story about chasing down a Vacrat who has stolen your jem. DANG VACRAT, GET BACK HERE!

Steek Hutsy tests our reflexes

In Secret Shrine Rush, Steek Hutsy had us sprint-jumping non stop, making it feel like we could truly fly. And Steek's level A Trust Leap made us confront our distrust in people with repeated blind package-throws through portals. Trust in humanity, restored!

The Baggage Claim Nightmare

Bag Catch gave us flashbacks to the airport baggage claim. In MisshapenSmiley's level you have to be quick and precise to grab your package from the conveyor belts before it disappears. Be quick, and don't take someone ELSE's bag.

Levelcup & Speedrunners Guild

Season 5 of the Speedrunners Guild has begun! Our awesome Paragons Cprice and Retro have combined their powers to turn the Level Cup website into an automated recorder of speedrun challenges - no screenshots needed. Put on your running shoes and sign up to earn your place in the underworld of speed demons!