Time for the best part of the week -- playing and showcasing ALL THE LEVELS! We've got secrets, we've got gardens, we've got castles, we've got endless falling and screaming. Y'know, the usual Friday shenanigans. As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for play later on - LET'S GO!

So many secrets

RetrophileTV's Secret In The Desert is filled to the brim with secrets. You can try your hand at getting all the jems or cheese your way through for the fastest time. For some speedy inspiration, check out Intuition's video playing the level like a pro! (Note: Intuition has since cut another 5 seconds off that time using some form of black magic - we are now researching this arcana for use in faster-than-light space travel)

Calming Maze

Find The Meditation Garden is yet another masterpiece by TalkGibberish. Take a stroll through this well built garden and meditate to the rhythm of spike chainers. OHHHHMMMMMMMMM

Timing is everything

Steek Hutsy built a great combination of Tiptow and hardlights in It's The Hardlight Life! Be ready to make calculated moves, or die trying!

Endless Warp

Not That Kevin will have you scratching your head in the level Endless Edge Warp, which gave us flashbacks to Portal. While there is no Glad0s dressing you down with spicy wit, the puzzles are hard enough that you might just feel the eerie presence of an AI mocking you, somewhere out there.

Unexpected boss

Natari's Get To Go Fast has you fighting an unexpected boss to move through each section. Should I tell you who it is? NOPE I WON'T!

Spooky Castle

Spekio has a created a stunningly spooky castle level in The Abandoned Forest Castle. Be ready to find secrets and scares in equal measure.


  • PureKnickers has created Levehead Designers' Style Guide! It's a work in progress and is a great collaboration among the creator community. Have a look to get ideas on building a good level, or just to enjoy the comical writing!
  • Josh The Phoenix's Jump In Time! is a well-paced hardlights level.
  • The Fallen Legend's Blopfush? Battle? Gosh. keeps you guessing on the next move!