Levelhead is featured in the Steam Daily Deal this weekend, just announced for Xbox, now has Steam Achievements and Trading Cards, and got a spiffy new trailer to boot - THINGS ARE POPPIN' Y'ALL! CHECK IT!

This week we take a ride on the most painful elevator of all time, get hypnotized, then do a few laps. As always remember to click the level names to bookmark them for play later on - LET'S GO!

Rise above the pain

RomanYar has us dodging spikes and blades and flings us through enemies in this hell-evator ride. Ascent Pursuit is an intense but satisfying challenge.


On your marks, get set, go! In Clumsy Jeff's Sproing Sproing Race Way, you'll race to get 1000 jems. The path is long, arduous, and tons of fun!

Breathe deeply, be the flame

PureKnickers has created hypnotic level of burny whirlers in Descend The Ancient Fort. Don't get caught watching the whirlers if you want to survive.

Multiple Talents

Jem Switch Dumpster is TalkGibberish's successful attempt for creating a jem focused level. All those neglected switches and jems have been collected and given a new home, here, in the dumpster. He also impressed us with this incredible Gr-18 art he posted in the discord, which really got us hankerin' for some CEREAL!


  • Cprice's Levelcup Season 6 is almost over! Submit your raceway levels to win 10k exposure bucks!
  • GKar is hosting the Levelhead Crown Contest. Sign up soon to win a Levelhead key to give to a friend!
  • PureKnickers is at it again with a community knowledge doc, but this time he's created the Levelhead Tech List. It's a work in progress and is a great collaboration from the community, complete with demo videos.
  • TheGlock521's Blopfush Bop Buddy 1 is a 2 player level race full of sabotage! Find a friend or a foe to race this one.
  • Xentergo's Weird Cavern is a fun raceway, with each "track" adding new elements.