Get ready to be DAZZLED by the awesome creators of our community. This week GR-18 becomes a teenage rebel, catches a Blopfush, and most importantly... makes Toast! As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them to play later on. LET'S GO!

Flip the switch!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and bread is the best thing in the world. So why not slap those together and start with making some toast in Beekie Boppaboop's level Toaster?.

Rebel a little!

SleepyDoof has you question authority in his level Sign Nightmare. Live the life of a teenager and do exactly the opposite of what you have been asked!

Trust your instincts

In CJ5Boss's fast paced level Rumble Rush 3, you have no time to look behind. Hurry forward, you have a Blopfush to Catch!

The big century!

TheGlock521 is having a stellar week. Join me to congratulate him by playing his 100th shipped level This Is 100. The big 100 is as astonishing as the amount of details in this level. His other level Jem Dream Temple is a fun space invader inspired level. Run around quickly to get HIT by the jems!


  • Rumplefatch's Bomb Beamer Bingpot is an intense level that you keep coming back to beat!
  • BrambleGaming's Super GR-18 World is one level with many sub-levels of complex secrets to explore.
  • WaddlesTNT's Crombler Lab is a beginner-friendly level with all possible cromblers.