Today we're bringing you a pipin' hot community spotlight. We've got levels for you to bookmark, creators for you to follow, and players for you to be inspired by. LET'S A GO!

RetrophileTV creates a genre: The Race Way

RetrophileTV, the leader of the Speedrunner's guild mentioned in last week's spotlight, has just created a new level genre. Termed, Race Ways, these levels have the player doing laps to beat a best time and involve all manner of hilarious slow-down/speed-up mechanics. And if that wasn't fun enough, Retrophile compiled a list of them in the discord for rapid bookmarking, so we've gone ahead and brought it over here. Remember that you can click on the lvlhd.co links to bookmark these levels for your next play of Levelhead, and you can see all the creator levels by clicking their names, too.

Race Way levels to bookmark

A level review site is born

In a twist beyond anything we could have imagined, a player going by the moniker Popdonk Baggycool has created a review site for levels created in Levelhead. Players have been sending him feedback requests in the community discord, seeking to get that coveted Popdonk Recommends badge. You can read up on all the best levels there and bookmark them for later!

Trillionaire's Completionist Playlist

Trillionaire is doing the work of a saint by playing through each of Levelhead's challenging campaign levels and posting the 100% runs to youtube. If you're finding yourself stuck on a level, hop on over to the youtube playlist and get yourself some HELP. But don't be mad when you find spoilers.

QuantumAnomaly hits 5 days of playtime generated

Levelhead tracks how much playtime your levels have created for the community. This week we had our first creator cross into 5 days of playtime generated. Quantum's latest level turned Levelhead into an RPG-like experience, complete with a shoppe, fast travel system, and multiple ways to beat it, nearly all of which take at least 40 minutes. It was an inspiring hoot for us to play through and stands as an incredible example of the power of Levelhead's editor. Bookmark it for later here: https://lvlhd.co/+p5zj01c

And a few dev favorites

220 days of play and 843,838 deaths later...

It's been a wild two weeks already, and we're just getting started :D