Get ready to experience fun, uniqueness, and creativity in ABUNDANCE! This week GR-18 tries farming, flight pathing, and using mutant powers! As always remember to click the level names to bookmark them for play later on - LET'S GO

Practice your farming

In Retro Banana Man NL's Star Dew Valley inspired level Star Doubly Valley!, GR-18 is put to task practicing those farming skills. Don't worry about going outdoors anymore, just get all your farming knowledge by playing LEVELHEAD! Here's is' the Reddit tutorial with details to complete your transformation into productive farmer!

Momentum is key

Spekio has you flying by the seat of your path in his level Flyblock Tower. Relying on momentum to get you through is no easy task, but trust the path, take a leap of faith, and see what happens!

X-MEN to the rescue

In Delirious' well-paced level Forgotten Fire Treasure you'll use your mutant powers (aka powerups) to stay ahead of the game! Be ready to punch, jump and fly your way through the pain.

FIGHT... or hide

Find your fight or flight response in SleepyDoof's level Shadow, Or Steel? This is a ridiculously fun level that involves plenty of punching... or sneaking if you're into that.

Precious Package

In Msmiley's clever beginner-friendly level Package Shrine Shenanigans, the package is the key. Be like Gollum and treat your Package like the precious thing it is in order to win!


  • Next season of speedrunners guild has started. Huge shout out to our paragon RetrophileTV for organizing 7 seasons of the guild. He will be taking a break from organizing until the official launch of the game. Don't miss out a chance to take part in this season!
  • Levelcup # 7 - Krazy Kaizo is also ongoing. Hurry up and submit your entries before September 8th deadline.
  • PureKnicker's Cliff Slip will have you jumping off cliffs to survive and win!
  • ZiLyfe's Dab Toasty 420 has a unique aesthetic with plenty of precision jumps!
  • WaddlesTNT's Big World, Small GR-18 has everything in the JUMBO size except GR-18!