Get ready to be astounded and thrilled by the AWESOMENESS of our community! This week GR-18 becomes a sorcerer, treasure hunter, & bomb squad expert! As always remember to click the level names to bookmark them for play later on - LET'S GO

The Treasure Hunter

In Espurrator's adventurous level Unusual Cliff Of Treasure, you get to explore secrets, dodge booby traps, and kill enemies -- all to find those precious jems.

The Levelhead Buffet

Lorenxochef2004 gives you the taste of VARIETY in The Big 50. You get to play with jems, enemies, paths, switches, and bombs. It'll taste so good you'll still want more!


In tripleB36's clever level Great Random Infinity Dream!, you train GR-18 in sorcery so he can move blocks, gather jems, and create rifts!

Panic Room

In Sleepy Doof's level Boom Room, get ready to take shelter from bombs going ballistic. Keep your eye and ears open through the explosions to survive the room!

Hypnotic Labyrinth

Oussou's level Défiler Sournoisement is a hypnotic amalgamation of fun and anxiety. Find the key to escape this labyrinth alive!


  • Pladcakes' Flop Ripcord!? is an excellent recreation of Bscotch game Flop Rocket. We love it!
  • Alpaca Raiser's Thunder Timing has creative ways of using zipper to solve the puzzle and find the loot. Try it out!
  • The Legendary Yeeter's Waitswitch Rage makes you feel like there is a ticking time bomb around. Speed through the level to survive.