Another week down and another crazy round of CREATIVITY from our community! This week GR-18 has been through a haunted house, teleportation devices and fiery rain! As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later. HERE WE GO!

Haunted House

In Critwolf's spooky level House Of 7 Haunted Lizumi, you need to grasp the souls of 7 Lizumis to bust out of the haunted house. Don't let them get you!


Draconic Captain's intricate level Ancient Discovery has us in awe. Manage your teleportation device to solve the mystery of the level and THE UNIVERSEEEE!?

Pumpkin Carving!

In the Big Gourd, Not that Kevin gives you a chance to practice your pumpkin carving skills. Halloween is on the way - what design will you choose?

The Package shall set you free!

TalkGibberish has changed the script in his level Destroy Package, Earn Goal. Sacrifice the package over and over and survive the wrath of fire gods!


  • ZiLyfe's Key Gate Puzzle will help you practice your lock picking skills! Don't be caught!
  • msmiley's Treat the Cannon lets you race a lizumi without worrying about it killing you. What a refreshing change of pace!
  • CJ5Boss's The Triple Trial 2 tests your patience and precision. Take your time to get through this one!