A Challenge Arises!

It's been another week in Levelhead land, and things are GETTING WEIRD over here. This week saw the release of the Daily Build feature, which has already spawned a cascade of wacky levels.

Right out of the gate, Popdonk Baggycool (@6rad6u) took it upon himself to turn the Daily Build into a COMMUNITY CHALLENGE! Popdonk's challenge: Utilize the Daily Build to create a level that is themed around the adverb "Reasonably."

This challenge will last until Sunday, when levels will be submitted into a poll to be voted on by the community for favorite level. At the end of the voting phase the community favorite will receive a highlight on the Popdonk Blog, alongside another level that Popdonk recommends.

Want to participate? Submit your levels in the Bscotch Discord channel #levelhead-sharecodes or in the Levelhead Subreddit Weekly Build Challenge thread. So git on out there and get building!

"Pocket Buddy" by Joe Ah Oh

Do you want to be... the very best? Now you can, thanks to Joe Ah Oh's (@2x7lcg) level Pocket Buddy!

This level simulates a battle in the style of the early Pokemon games, using Levelhead objects to create health bars, a creature selection screen, and a real turn-based battle system. As is common in a Joe Ah Oh contraption, Joe left an opening at the end of the level so you can inspect how the machine works. Let's peek behind the curtain!

A combination of balloogs, throw blocks, switches, and rifts allow for the battle buddy selection.

Crates on conveyor belts hit pressure plates to manage the battle options.

Although we could go on about the intricacies of this incredible level ALL DANG DAY, you can just check it out for yourself! And if you've been interested in making music in Levelhead, Joe even managed to recreate the battle music using Boomboxes!

"Explore the Hidden Temple" by Sjosz

Get that ancient ruins heist feel without leaving your house, in the level "Explore the Hidden Temple" (qbxn1z9)! This level is a suitable challenge for all skill levels, with a bit of treasure hunting, falling traps, and puzzles. With almost 24 full hours of playtime generated across 1400 attempts, this level is bound to become a classic. Bookmark the level here, and be sure to give Sjosz (@rswljz) a subscribe!

Bad Jump? No Problem! By Moogthedog

Short, simple, and forgiving! Moogthedog (@26kmgd) throws together a variety of interesting elements in "Bad Jump? No Problem!" (zq9rkjt) without punishing the player. It’s almost as if... you must throw yourself onto the spikes to progress... but we’re not fooling anyone here. We died on the spikes even without even trying!

What will you be?

The early days of Levelhead saw the birth of the Speedrunners Guild led by RetrophileTV. Not to be outdone, Quantum Anomaly (@ya0lqh) has taken up the mantle and formed the very first Levelhead Builders Guild! Members of the Bscotch Discord have declared their allegiances via carefully-selected emojis tacked on to the end of their names.

What guild will we see next? Speed-builders? Campaign trotters? Slow-slappers? The Emoji Wars... have begun.

Quick Shots

BUT WAIT! Before you go... Here are some of the highlight levels of the week!

Top-Played "Daily Build" Level Published This Week

ngspr55 | "Waylay Temple Of Spike Block" by spooderdooder @0kqn33 | Precarious, Waylay, Paths

Top-Five Most-Played Levels Published This Week

n0h9n3j | " 6 Golden Gate Hurtle" by Ant @k1bhyn | Beginner-Friendly, Switch-Heavy, Well-Paced

d7061lq | "Just Move The Flyblock" by Misery @5djb5j | Puzzling, Complex, Switch-Heavy

gvx2gxc | "A Small Bumper Run" by Shaggath @4mgftc | Casual, Powerups, Quick

cm6q0dw | "A Mysterious Puzzle Box?" by Cammymoop @cgm03g | Puzzling, Secrets, Complex

b9c23gg | "Squad Level Episode 1" by spooderdooder @0kqn33 | Complex, Powerups, Secrets

This week's Community Spotlight was compiled by Christine Schaper and edited by Seth Coster.