Time for the best part of the week, playing and talking about Levelhead Community Levels! This week GR-18 becomes a lock-picking escape agent who rides a PATH DRAGON!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!

Purple Perseverance

Pane has created an enchanting world full of purpleness in the level GR-18, Ouch!. Determination and perseverance will see you through this one!

Underground escape

Espurrator creates a thrilling escape scenario for GR-18 in the level Cold Cabin Zipper Caper. Be ready to climb through every floor and its traps with only the zipper power-up and your wits!

Color Coordinated Clocks!

In Spekio's level Keycard Quickly!, GR-18 continues the lock-picking training. Mastering the colored key matching under time-pressure is the KEYYYY to his package delivery!

Blizzard Work

BrambleGaming's level Glorious Blizzard Quest brings memories of a cozy home on a snow-day. But corporate duty calls, and GR-18 must brave the blizzard to do the work!


In BookMouse's casual level Flyblock Friend Forest, GR-18 gets to ride a PATHDRAGON while killing enemies to deliver the package to its destination!


  • SchuhBaum's Tall Tree has you find Nirvana by exploring a tall tree.
  • WaddlesTNT's Train GR-18 To Manage will make you work on your management and organization skills.
  • CJ5boss's Spike Trap Cavern is all about speed and precision. Hurry up but also be precise!
  • Doesy214's Hardlight Jump Level! is a well-paced jumping level! Practice those high and long jumps to win this one!