Another Friday, another batch of ludicrous levels and a STAINED GLASS WINDOW?! WHAT?!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!


ZLDFN101 somehow managed to find our prototype for Crashlands, buried deep inside Levelhead. Their level Crash Land 0.5 is an incredible display of metaphorical design - you'll need to find items and bring them back home to 'craft' more items and gain access to other parts of the level. It's great fun, and the creative leaps required to make it deserve all the applause our 10 hands can muster!

Unusual Allies

Spekio is at it again with the wonderful story of two unusual friends in a terrible place. Keep your Blopfush buddy alive in The Buddy System, and uncover the secrets to forging incredible friendship. (Spoiler: The secret is making sure your friend doesn't get shot by fireballs)

That dreaded feeling

V02's level The Suspicious Heist gives you the hair raising feeling that you're walking into a trap. There's nothing quite like going deeper and deeper into an inactive-hazard covered area, knowing all the while that at SOME point, all of it is going to come roaring to life. There's a great balance of dread with rising action here, and good opportunity for replay!

The Sneak-n-Jump

Groversoup has crafted what feels like an entire special game mode in the level Flyblock Factory. You'll need to cleverly sneak and jump to make your way through the Flyblock Factory, carried all the way by your best bud, the Blopfush.


Willhyukister's level Power-Up Puzzle combines keys, chests, and ALL the power-ups into a deliciously fun level. Be careful how you use those keys!

It's getting hot in here

In Tim Conceivable's level Dodge Flame, Find Treasure you'll find two of my favorite things - great level design and FIREFALLS! You're going to need some balm for the burns this level will give you. Make that ALL the balm.


This week we've got some FAN ART that's more than worthy of a highlight.

Scaleplexis is coming in like an angel with a legit stained glass window featuring the Package from Levelhead. It's so beautiful that we're tempted to build a shrine to On-Time Delivery!

Msmiley's been getting some animation time in with this wonderfully stretchy GR-18:

That's it for this week! Be sure to hop into the discord to chat with the creators of this week's levels, and show-off what you're making for the next round of the spotlight.