It's Friday, and that means its time to ROUND UP ALL THE GOODIES! This week we've got some downright delectable levels for your enjoyment, from danceable beats to sustainable treats!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!

Feel the RHYTHM!

Msmiley's level Hardlight Music Double Time transforms Levelhead into a rhythm platformer! With fat beats and great platforming backing it up, the only question is whether or not you'll be able to dance along.

On-Demand Shell Service

I'm a sucker for a good contraption, and Natari's level The Automatic Scrubb Machine shows how you can deliver Scrubb shells on demand! Use the shells to solve puzzling scenarios of increasing difficulty, or just investigate the shell-producing machine and steal it for your own levels!

Feels like Training

Destragon's level Scrubb Tree House Dive is a well-paced, lovely little romp through the woods. Provided your ideal woodland stroll involves climbing spikeblocks and throwing Scrubb shells every which way, that is.

Going Green

Espurrator is taking up sustainability in Levelhead by creating a level that's 100% certified GREEEEEEN. Using only green components, Green Land has you completing challenges with the Tiptow power. After playing this level you'll be able to tell all three of your friends that you've been to Green Land!

A helping hand

Espurrator earns a double mention this week for the adorable Help! Ocula Cave Adventure! You've got limited tries to get one of these Oculas home - try not to burn them all up!


  • Msmiley's Super Space Walk is a quick one that makes clever use of hardlights
  • Syustel's GR-18 Go Small Test is an incredibly interesting use of rifts and terrain to make the player feel as though they've been shrunk!
  • Freact's Vacrat Crash & Dash makes great use of headbutts and timer switches, though it's not for the faint of heart.