Happy Friday! It is TIME to give props to the BEST COMMUNITY EVER!

This week GR-18 becomes a jumping & frolicking Indiana Jones and a master back seat driver. As always remember to click the level names to bookmark them for play later on - LET'S GO

Treasure Hunt

In VO2's mystery filled level Hot Canyon Mystery, GR-18 puts on Indiana Jones' Hat to find all the hidden paths and treasures!

Back Seat Driver

GR-18 becomes a back seat driver in TalkGibberish's level Big Delivery For Package. Direct and guide every move of the package in this continuation of the series!

Frolicking through doom!

In Flyblock Frolic, a level by SleepDoof, GR-18's mastery of package delivery is at its best as GR-18 casually frolics his way through spikes and blades!

Jumping with joy!

In Tim Conceivable's level Wow. GR-18 Can Bounce!, GR-18 enjoys the fun of a package trampoline, bouncing and jumping through spikes and jems! Also, check out the dope song TimConceivable created in levelhead using the new boomboxes.