The First Friday of the year is here, and we are back with highlighting the best community known to humankind!

As always remember to click the level names to bookmark them for play later on - LET'S GO

More the Merrier!

A big round of applause to CJ5Boss for publishing his 200th level 200 All!. This is GR-18's ultimate delivery challenge as every single object from the training program is included in this level!

Treacherous cliffs

WaddlesTNT's precarious level Frost Mountain 3 has GR-18 running and jumping through sharp cliffs and valleys to survive the frosty mountain.

Conveyor belt of pain!

In Robotics5's level Through The Factory, GR-18 has mistakenly entered the factory of HELL. Conveyor belts of enemies need to be defeated to escape this one!

Raining Rockets

GR-18 has a red laser dot attached to his body. Be ready and keep running in SleepyDoof's level The Sky Is Mad.. Safe spots are far and few, so do not look up!

Blaster Symphony

In Paragon Spekio's musical level Bramble Symphony, GR-18 dances a masterfully blended blaster and blopfush symphony!