Blow the trumpets as FRIDAY has arrived, bringing along a fabulous line of levels by our amazing community! This week GR-18 explores new relationships, divine intervention, and bangs its head on the wall (sometimes you just gotta).

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!

Love-Hate Relationship

In Tobvet's smashing level Missile Madness GR-18 has a new love-hate relationship. Missiles help when GR-18 meets them in the middle but one wrong step and explosions all around!

Thrill & Horror

In Tim Conceivable's drop-dead awesome level Lizumi Drop, GR-18 is on the constant move to eject enemies and let them experience the thrill and horror of flying through the clouds!

Wrath of the FIRE GOD

GR-18 has to face the consequences of stealing a package from the FIRE GOD in the level Temple Of Fiery Soul by SleepyDoof. Getting in is easy - getting out is another matter altogether.

Master of this SHIP & GLORY!

In Spekio's cruising level Earth Bound Delivery, GR-18 cannot take a back seat! GR-18 has to take an active role and be the master of this ship & glory.


In Freact's clever level Block Blast Bounce, GR-18 has to bang its HEAD on walls and think quickly on its feet to survive. Check out SchuhBaum's video of completing this madness.