It's the building competition to end all building competitions! The Levelcup is a community-run creative competition, wherein players build levels, submit them to the contest, and can then win prizes.

WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THIS? Cprice, of course. He dug into the API that powers Levelhead and reverse-engineered it to be able to scrape level data from our servers. After a quick chat with us to make sure he wasn't going to get himself permabanned for his cleverness, we decided this is pretty rad and something we'd love to support, if only in a technical capacity. While we don't yet have an open API, which would make constructing things like this easier in the future, this has placed that target steadily on our radar.

If you want to participate, go check it out!

Ceave hones in on Levelhead's refreshing design

Youtuber Ceave, known for his exploration of the finer mechanics of Super Mario Maker, took our title for a spin and compiled a video of the 5 things Super Mario Maker can Learn from Levelhead . Seeing someone who so thoroughly got what we're trying to do was great to see... and it brought a fresh wave of players into the game, making us hit our highest concurrent player count ever! WAHOOO!

Cammymoop makes Spike Chains even more painful

I saw The Danger Swing [bookmark] in the discord, stared at it for a few minutes, and couldn't fathom how the heck it worked. It turns out that if you put multiple Spike Chainers on a path, then set the path to STOP when objects reach the end, you can stack them up and make intricate, horrfiying designs. Thanks for teaching me something, Cammymoop!

P.S. - if you see this in the campaign you all know who to blame

Anihilator brings the LIGHTNING

Every so often we see a bug that makes us think - is that really a bug, or is it just an accidental feature? In GR-18 the Light Machine [bookmark], Anihilator uses batteries and the power of Valhalla to make us feel like Thor. The old Thor though, not the one from Avengers: End Game.

Pure Knickers becomes a civil engineer

The Path Style can be used not just for paths, but also for decor! In Popjaw City Rush [bookmark], Pure Knickers builds a great feeling city, complete with a cable bridge.


  • The Speedrunner's Guild, run by RetrophileTV, got some process improvements with a form for submitting levels for consideration, and a Season concept to bracket out the runs. Get involved over on the discord!
  • Popdonk's level review blog completed its first Weekly Challenge - dig in and bookmark levels till you burst!
  • In an homage to arcade games of old, Bmiclock's Blopfush Bop 4 [bookmark] had us thinking about quarters and game tickets.
  • SleetSdf93's Puzzle Escape [bookmark] level is a beautifully short puzzle that'll have you scratching your noggin'
  • Sarcastrophe's Ouch, That Wild Tower [bookmark] restored karmic balance to the world by making me play a Dune Doom Dream-like level
  • Enzonaki's Bomba Do Suco De Maracujoia [bookmark] teaches a new mechanic - lateral bomb jumps!

Until next week!