There is only one place for the warm fuzzy feeling in my heart: Friday's with Levelhead Community! BUT GR-18 can't find a break this week as it kept barking up the wrong tree!

Give it some love by playing levels and spreading the word! As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!

Watch your step

In Spekio's gripping level Hold the Switch, GR-18 has walked into a booby-trap filled with fire and explosions. GR-18 will need to carefully get to the package to get its clippers. Which colored-wire to cut? TICK TOCK TICK

Glittery Trees

GR-18 has landed on an alien planet with firey trees and scorched ground in Sjosz fiery level Blaze Bramble Blossom. Don't be enamored by the sparkly trees, they can be dangerous! Hurry up and deliver the package but be warned: All that glitters is definitely not gold!


GR-18 has decided to take matters in its BOXING hands in Miuku's intense level Enemy Base. It is time to GET IN THERE... or maybe not!

Forbidden Tower

GR-18 has trapped itself in the tower of a mad scientist in Salmaster's puzzling level Mechanical Ascent. The only way out is rising above the challenges --- LITERALLY!

Underground Movement

GR-18 has been involved in some dangerous underground activities in Espurrator's well-timed level Devious Cave Of Danger! SHHHHHH - the Bureau of Shipping cannot know about this!


  • Tobvet's Do The Music. Easy will have you dusting off your drum sticks! Listen carefully to figure out this one.
  • Draconic Captain's Clean the Scrubb reminds me of Spring Cleaning, time to clean those scrubbs.
  • Yucca's Rebound And Waylay Around! is all about flexing your reflexes! Punch and jump all the way through!