Life is especially good on a Friday talking about the Levelhead Community! This week GR-18 experiences strange dreams with hearts and flowers while being lit as a NIMBLE BRUTE!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!

Hearts & Flowers

Spekio is on fire this week! He has painstakingly worked on this beautiful flower garden with all the love in Diabolical Flower Garden. GR-18 will have to figure out if the flower planted is a nice bright Sunflower or a VENUS FLY TRAP!

Also, check out his other spectacular level Subterranean Cavern Maze. GR-18 is handed a treasure map to find all the hidden secrets, fitted with a completion tracker! Sound the horn, let the games begin!


SleepyDoof has designed an unique world in the innovative level Fall Dream. To escape from this limbo use the package and call to the powers of Leonardo Di Caprio and find the kick to wake up!

Lighting Fire!

TalkGibberish has used a tested trick of motivation in his fiery level The Surprise Is Explosion. Check out the fast delivery by GR-18 when the fire is lit under its robot bottom.

Nimble Brute

WAIT -- You must stretch and pump yourself up before starting the balancing act of nimbleness and bruteness in SchuhBaum's multiplex level Waylay Dash Challenge!. THAT'S ALL!