WAIT, it is FRIYAY already?? Time flies by when you're surrounded by the amazing people of this community!

This week GR-18 experienced life on the edge with a high-speed chase, saw the future, and made tough shopping decisions!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!

18, GR-18 strikes again

Yuca has set the stage for a high-intensity chase scene in the level Fiery Scrubb Cavern. GR-18 has to avoid obstacles and shoot scrubbs with precision while missing all the explosions around it. The only thing more thrilling is this INSANE video of Paragon Intuition absolutely killing it!

Electronic Ping Pong

Paragon Joe Ah Oh made a quick reappearance to showcase a new game Really, Really Weird Pong. Are you ready for the ultimate match up of GR-18 & Ocula? Who will you bet on??

Choice Paralysis

Vandro has created my waking nightmare in the level Магазин Батарейка! Sooo many options to choose that there is a possibility of no decision being made. GR-18 will have to make a quick decisions to survive this one!

GR-18 the Oracle

Paragon SleepyDoof turns GR-18 into an Oracle in the level Through The Void. GR-18 can see the future and its decision based on that vision will determine its destiny!

Brain Fitness

DustierDolphin has created the perfect brain exercise in the level The Blind Traveler. Finish your brain gymnastics by playing the level and call it the workout for the day!