Congratulations to our first PARAGONS

Levelhead is a community game at its heart. The thing that makes it special isn't just the game - it's the unique collection of people who play it.

Today we'd like to cast a special spotlight on some select members of the Levelhead community, as we congratulate them for being the first cohort of Levelhead Paragons. You may have seen their names in previous spotlights - and for good reason!

What's a Paragon?

A Paragon is a model of excellence. As Levelhead has grown since the start of Early Access, there have been several community members whose contributions to both the game and the community have gone above and beyond anything we anticipated. And, on top of that, they've been enduring sources of positivity for the community as a whole.

Beginning today, the following community members have been given a special role as Paragons on Discord, displaying their radness for all to see.

  • Quantum Anomaly - for streaming to the Steam store page during our launch weekend and for pushing the boundaries of Levelhead's creative tools such that his creations have inspired others.
  • 9joao6 - for pushing us, as a team, to further embrace the Contraption aspect of Levelhead, and providing us memorable highlight material in the form of Pokemon, an Arcade, and the first Levelhead Calculator
  • RetrophileTV - for creating the Speedrunner's Guild and evolving it over time with deeper systems and a sustainable community-run model. May you ever be fleet of foot.
  • Popdonk Baggycool - for creating the one and only Levelhead level review site and guiding new level creators in making better and better levels. #Butterscotchrecommends
  • Cprice - for starting the Levelcup community building competition (first challenge is still accepting levels) and pushing the dev team toward an open API for Levelhead.
  • Trillionaire - for creating video walkthroughs of all campaign levels and keeping them up to date amidst all the changes of Early Access.

Thanks to all of you for making the Levelhead community what it is. We seriously can't wait to grow the game alongside you and see who else joins you in the hallowed halls of the Paragons!

Online multiplayer with Parsec

Y'all have been suggesting we try out Parsec with Levelhead to see if it works well for online play. WELL, I'm pumped to say that we gave it a whirl from our homes last night and found it worked beautifully. For those who want to play Levelhead co-op but don't have someone nearby, grab Parsec and hop in the discord to fish up a friend to play with! (This has also been added to the Steam FAQ)


This week the community closed in on over 3 months of playtime on user-created levels, and more than 1500 levels published! We've got a handful of level highlights that made us go WOAAAAAAH, including our first Co-Op level highlight!

MarioBoo makes a co-op cave

Using Parsec, Seth and I dove into this cave (bookmark)as a pair of rascals and emerged as a pint-sized Seal Team 6. It requires teamwork, precision, and very few mistakes. Kudos to MarioBoo for making such a solid co-op level. Grab a friendo and go for it!

BrambleGaming does a 1,000 Jem Marathon

BG's level playthrough is straight-up exhilarating to watch. You can bookmark it here:

Sephy goes full troll

In the spirit of Trap Adventure, Sephy created Unfortunate Adventure (bookmark). This one had me busting up in stitches as every single move I made was instantly rebuffed by a surprising, painful death. It's a troll level, but one that is remarkably sticky and fun to stumble through.

Stratonian makes us feel like a secret agent

Recreating the Mission Impossible (bookmark) theme using boomboxes is impressive enough, but designing an entire level to feel like you're pulling off a heist - complete with slow descent package-grab - put this level by Stratonian over the top.

TalkGibberish creates Simon Says

Contraptions are one of our favorite parts of Levelhead. Using the randomness generated by portals, TalkGibberish managed to recreate the classic memory game Simon Says as Vacrat See, Vacrat Do (bookmark)! Each run presents a different memory challenge, and the finale lets you do a fly-by of the off-screen logic required to make the contraption go.

It's been a whirlwind of a week over here, with more levels, more players, and more updates in the works. Thanks for playing and have a great weekend!