Can you feel the AWESOME energy radiating from the Levelhead Community?? I certainly can, so buckle up and let this blissful force take you for a ride.

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!


Levelhead Delivery Championship

Tune in for the very first Live Stream of the Levelhead Delivery Championship happening this weekend! A few of the AWESOME community members have put together this event as a way to thank the rest of the community for their support on the streams and also celebrate the end of Levelhead's early access. Live commentating & competitive speedrunners make this an event not to miss!

Phoenix Cup

The Levelhead Speedrunning Guild has risen from the ashes! Make sure to participate in the trial run of the Phoenix Cup which ends on April 18th. The participation will encourage the creators to keep it going and bring many other cups to a post-launch world!

Levelhead OST

The Levelhead soundtrack on Spotify has been updated with the five new tracks that are coming at Launch. Get a sneak peek and enjoy the groovy tunes!

Featured Levels

GR 'The Rock' 18

GR-18, The Robot Rock has to continue to climb through elevators and what not in Tobvet's Skyscaperesque level Fix Elevator. Will the Robot Rock rescue its loved one???

Monkey on the loose!

WATCH OUT, there is a Robot Monkey on the loose in SleepyDoof's thrilling level Climb With Caution. Sliding, climbing and stealing packages --- RUN for cover!

RUN, GR-18, RUN!

Throw caution out the window, put on those running shoes and take off in Yucca's engaging level Crombler Sprint Or Jem!? Or just do what you want: This is Levelhead!

GR-18 Croft

GR-18 Croft has to jump, slide, kill enemies, and solve mysteries to gather all the pieces of the map in Salmaster's gripping level Scavenge The Grand Factory. What secrets will the map REVEAL????