OMG! It's the Friday before launch AND our 52nd edition of the spotlight. Where has the time gone? WHATYEAR IS IT?! AHHHHH!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!


Employee handbook

The Bureau of Shipping has assembled and published a New Employee Handbook. Topics include the history of the Levelhead Division, pro tips on building levels, and how to get involved in the Levelhead community. Give it a solid read-through so you can get out there and do good for our goods!

Speedrun guild

The Levelhead Pre-Launch Season of Speedrunners Guild has started! The 1st place winner of this run will win a choice of US Region $20 gift card for the Nintendo eShop, Google Play, or Apple App Store. Wear your running shoes and head over to the LevelCup site to sign up!

Fan Creations

The Cutie: GR-1

Check out this adorable Fanart by Paragon SleepyDoof posted in our discord. My heart just cannot take how cute GR-1 is in this Fanart!

Featured Levels

GR-18 the fire fighter

GR-18 dawns its firefighter suit and rushes to control the wildfires in Cyro's blazing level Save The Mystic Forest! But can GR-18 save itself?!

Practice your Zen

After a long, hard-fought battle against fire, GR-18 needs to sit by the house and practice its ZEN in Cyro's level Don't Be Mad. Smile!

Take Cover

GR-18 needs to hurry up and take shelter in VO2's alarming level Take A Shelter Box. Is it just me or is THE SKY LITERALLY ON FIRE?!

Fight it out

Sometimes you just need to roll-up your robot sleeves and fight it out! That's exactly what GR-18 does in Koala5617's scrappy level The Brawl Cave. Get in there and leave only when all enemies are down!

Good old days

Perry brings back memories from the good old arcade days in the timeless level Arcade: Break-Out 1. How many bricks can GR-18 break before it becomes broken?