7 years of BSCOTCH!

This week marks the 7th year of Butterscotch Shenanigans existing. We formed this studio during a long road trip from our hometown in Iowa to St. Louis. Back then our dream was to create a creative company that could house whatever zany things the three of us individually produced: Adam was going to make science apps, Seth was going to make games, and I was going to write stories.

Fast-forward a few years later and the three of us brothers found ourselves enthralled by the problems and opportunities in game dev. No matter how much we learned, it seemed there was always more to uncover. We've now got 6 games available, hundreds of thousands of fans, a weekly podcast, and our own little office with Shi (our platform specialist) & Sampada (our Operations Engineer) here in St. Louis! To all of you who have been part of our journey, big or small, thank you for letting us do what we do! WHAT A RIDE!

Speaking of rides

HOOHOO SEGUE'D! Spekio whipped up a sailing adventure for GR-18 in Jungle Top Ferry Ride (click any of these links for bookmarking!). Take yourself sailing this weekend and enjoy one of the fanciest hobbies there is, you fancy sailor you.

Play produces some smooooth build videos

Taking inspiration from both Bob Ross and the Building with Sam youtube series, Play has been producing timelapse build videos with smooth, bassy vocals and chill music. His series tackles the Daily Build challenge, so if you've missed out on any of those and want to see what others came up with, this is a great place to start.

Retrophile achieves victory... BLINDFOLDED

Community Paragon and resident speedrunner Retrophile has kicked things up another notch by successfully beating campaign levels while wearing a blindfold. What. How... just watch.

MeiDerMon makes sick beats

Making great use of sharps and a clever path system that allows for eight-notes, MeiDerMon's music level GR-18 Does Wildly Music is an impressive display of musical talent - so much so that we blared it from the office speakers repeatedly. Check out the Music Boxes tag in the Tower to see more levels like these!


  • Gkar created a Pac-Man series, paying homage to an old classic [bookmark]
  • Bmiclock, not to be outdone, created a thrilling Legend of Zelda level [bookmark]
  • Ursagames got real creative with jem gates and package throws in this quick, fun platforming challenge [bookmark]
  • Awesome Games made a level almost entirely out of invisible prizeblocks, creating a level-building-itself effect [bookmark]
  • TalkGibberish's Fire at Blopfush had us feeling like a battleship commander [bookmark]