Let's get this party started by putting our hands up for this AMAZING community! This week GR-18 braved a ferocious storm, handled a plague like a pro and then met the Fab 5 for a much-needed life coaching!

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Featured Levels

Captain of the ship

GR-18 is the captain of the ship in Skyjengi's thundering level Fury of The Storm! Can GR-18 survive this ferocious storm and became the master of its universe?!

Swarming Swoop

GR-18 needs to handle the swarming swoops in Friendzie's surging level Swoop, Meet Burny Whirler. Can GR-18 take care of this plague?!

Without a Canary

GR-18 ventures deep down in crusher169's cavernous level Explore The Abandoned Mine! Can GR-18 survive without a Canary in this abandoned mine?!

Fab 5

GR-18 has to work with the Fab 5 in KaotikSpike's transforming level The 5 Friendly Flapjack. Can GR-18 pass with flying colors?!

Drone Rampage

GR-18 showers a drone rampage in Mr SocksFox's fierce level Alien Rampage Reckoning. Can GR-18 clear the dangerous zone for an emergency delivery?!