It is time to leaf your worries behind and enjoy the Fall Season with this AMAZING Community! This week, GR-18 took the one-way to a mystical desert and partook in a dodgy ceremonial ritual!

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Featured Levels

Mystical Desert

GR-18 enters the mystical desert in JeanneOskoure's colorful level Blopfush Color Spike Desert! Will GR-18 partake in the ceremonial Blopfush ritual?!

Hide & Seek

GR-18 plays hide and seek in Tokxa's sneaky level The Hidden Hardlight Place! Who will win this game: Hardlights, Package, or GR-18?

One Way

GR-18 has to take the only "Right" direction in FlowArt's guiding level No Left Or Right. Will GR-18 adhere to the one true way to the package?!

Fire Hose

GR-18 has to dodge the wrath of the fire gods in Mr SocksFox's fiery level Fire Bend Barricade. Can GR-18 survive the fire hose?

Backseat Driver

GR-18 becomes the backseat driver in Espurrator's congested level Ocula Cave For Input Switch. Will GR-18 safely steer Oculas to the right destination?