Grab your broomsticks and join the fun with Levelhead's terrifyingly good COMMUNITY on this Halloween Friday!

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Fan Art

Halloween Vacrat

SpookBoi has the perfect Halloween decoration in mind! Where should we place this Vacrat Skeleton? Outside the house or near the fire place?!

Crashlands Love

Check out the bling on this cool fan art! Jeverson has been crushing it with art posts on our crashlands 2 speculation channel on Discord!

What should we call this one??? Go ahead speculate away!

Featured Levels

Dynamite Blasts

GR-18 ventures deep in PureKnix's glittery level GR-18: The Gold Mine! Can GR-18 blast its way through the mine with its precious package?

New Way of Life

GR-18 practices punching through life in CDSlice's exotic level Waylay Through The Asteroid! Will this new WAY of life become the new art of living?

Enlightenment Canopy

GR-18 sets out on a search for the lost enlightenment canopy in Rominski's mystical level Forgotten Canopy. Will GR-18 find the knowledge at the top of this long lost enlightenment canopy?

Lone Sniper

GR-18 the lone sniper must defend its tower in Mr SocksFox's captivating level Aim Fire Tower Defend! Will GR-18 be able to hold its own against an onslaught of enemies?

Destiny Maker

GR-18 has the remote control for destiny itself in Luxaezar's adventurous level Input Switch Ferry! Can GR-18 manage the gravity of pressing the correct button to make its destiny?