The days are getting darker earlier, so let's brighten them up with our Cheerful & Sunny Levelhead Community! This week GR-18 cooked up cold revenge to go after a spicy explosion while preaching the lessons of tough love!

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FanArt & Happenings


PureKnix is sooooo lucky to receive this BUDD-E as an early Christmas present. The cuteness makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!

Zipper Plushie

The master Plushie maker, Kevin has moved on to version 2.0 of GR-18 plushies with a special Zipper Plushie! Simply Awesome!

Kaizo Challenge

TheViralMelon is challenging you to build the best kaizo that you can imagine. Let's get your creative hats & building tools out for the Kaizo Challenge! For more details and to submit your level, go to the event page.

Featured Levels

Powerup Explosion

GR-18 experiences the explosion of different power-ups in FlowArt's spicy level Powerup Journey: Final Level! Will GR-18 survive the spicy explosion without sweating?

Payback time!

GR-18 meticulously plans and then chills its signature dish in Mr Nasty's thrilling level Get Revenge Swiftly! GR-18 believes revenge is a dish best served COLD!

Tough Love

GR-18 shows some tough love in Friendzie's punchy level Vacrat Punch Pow Scenario. Will GR-18's stern method help resolve the situation?

Blazing Path

GR-18 puts on its sprinting shoes in Coloa Ecojump's fiery level Route De Flamme! Will GR-18 clock in a blazing time on this blazing path?

Robo Sherlock

GR-18 puts all its Robo Sherlock powers into solving joejoecraft's bemusing level Build: A Simple Puzzle! Can GR-18 untangle and solve the mystery of the precious package?