Time to celebrate making it through 2020, so let's get our sparkly spirit on and shoutout to this AMAZING Community on this first FRIYAY of 2021!

Before I continue my STAYCATION & recover from all the bubbly drinks, home-cooked food in comfortable pajamas, and sleeping at a regular time, let's take a trip down the memory lane of community love we received in 2020!

Fan Art

The masterpieces from the community that made my heart WARM & FUZZY!

By SleepyDoof

By TimConceivable

By Kevin

By Talkgibberish

By SantaSleek

By Robotics5

Glorious Cashew


Cheers & Salut to all the community organizers who have brought people together and made this game truly special. Here are some highlights of the community events with links to some of the results:

Levelhead Delivery Championship

Speedrun .com

LevelBuilding for Charity

Levelhead Level Jam

Speedrunners Guild

Horror Level Building Challenge

Power Build

Kaizo Challenge

Sleek's Secret Santa


Last but not the least, the recognition the game has received, which made me SCREAM & SHOUT while doing a Happy Dance

Indie Showdown

2D Platformer of the year

Looking forward to all the sparkling creations and contributions from this community in 2021.

Thank you all - and Happy New Year!