There is only one place for the warm fuzzy feeling in my heart: Fridays with the Levelhead Community!

This week GR-18's love saga continues as GR-18 has a meet-cute, follows its heart and falls in love, and is on cloud-9 about receiving benefits from the Bureau of Shipping!

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Featured Levels

Falling in Love

GR-18 can't help falling in love over and over again in FlowArt's bewitching level Fast Build: Fuchsia Fissure! Will GR-18 finally find a way to retire from the Bureau of Shipping and live happily ever after with its Soul-Package?


GR-18 is on Cloud-9 in SleekBOI's adorable level Joyful Time Factory!. The red hearts and breezy cloud can only mean GR-18 is confident it will get its benefits this year from the Bureau of Shipping!

Meet Cute

SleekBOI's is having an awesome week as he flings GR-18 around with abundance and joy in the celebratory level Yeah 200! GR-18 experiences the meet-cute, looking into the eyes of the level and then bouncing to the next delivery as DUTY CALLS!

Follow your Heart

GR-18 follows its heart as a compass in Espurrator's lovely level Fuchsia Land! When GR-18 follows its heart, it never gets lost because the Bureau of Shipping values its greatest assets - EMPLOYEEEEE-and also has a GPS installed subdermally to keep track of them-EEEEEES!

Frenemy Dance

GR-18 joins in the conga line with a frenemy in Noob Jr's joyous level Fun In Blopfush Street. Will this union of the star-crossed lovers prevail under the watchful eyes of the Bureau?