HAPPY FRIYAY! Put your hands up and give me all the excitement and awesomeness that the Levelhead Community can muster! I know there is an abundant supply! GIVE IT TO MEEEEHEEEE!

This week GR-18 took inspiration from the various Hollywood Heist Masters to get possession of its precious Package!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. OR! Use the fancy Playlist to bookmark all of them at once. And don't forget to nominate levels that you think are worthy of the Community Spotlight with the nomination form. The nominations for next week will be open till next Thursday morning!

Featured Levels:


GR-18 has an elaborate plan in Cursoryatom1's deceptive level The Spider Stronghold!? Will GR-18 pull the biggest Package heist of its life?

Reservoir GR-18s

GR-18 doesn't know who to trust in Lex's thrilling level Double Fire Mountain! Will GR-18 manage to escape with the Package and survive this Mexican Standoff?

Now You See GR-18

GR-18 becomes a magician in FlowArt's mystical level Dodge Blopfush Sneakily. Will GR-18 and the Package become the newest members of the Eye?

Inception of GR-18

GR-18 needs to figure out a kick in SchuhBaum's dreamy level Escape The Dream House. Will GR-18 wake up from its dream with its Package-shaped totem?

The Italian-18

GR-18 is on a mission to steal back the Package in Friendzie's gripping level Beautiful Swoopadoop Peak. Will GR-18 enjoy its trip to Venice after all this mayhem?


  • Fridge's The Ultimate Battle Arena reminds GR-18 of the consequences of stealing & revenge like the movie Heat!
  • Sjosz's Never Stop makes GR-18 feel like a part of the movie Baby Driver!
  • FlowArt's Day Build: Dangerous Descent has GR-18 feeling like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, who is almost about to touch the ground!